CarnEvil is an Original Gothic Horror Rock Musical that will enjoy its world premiere at The Sacred Fools Theater on September 16, 2011.

It is the story of a young man with a dark and troubled past who returns to his family's carnival after a long absence only to find the business in shambles. In an attempt to redeem himself, he vows to help his cousin bring the carnival back to life. But when his efforts fail, he is thrust into the darkness he tried to leave behind and makes the desperate decision to bring a peculiar stranger into the mix. Success follows, but at a high price. An unspeakable horror is released and our hero must face unholy truths and long-kept secrets about himself and his family in order to save everything he cares about from complete and utter destruction.

H.P. Lovecraft
Stephen King
Dario Argento
Tobe Hooper
Wes Craven
Ray Bradbury
Vincent Price
Depeche Mode

David Bowie
The Beatles
Steve Vai