Five shows enter... three shows leave!  Each week, Serial Killers presents five stories each ending on a cliffhanger - and the audience votes on which three stories will continue the following week!

Began July 2005
Saturdays @ 11pm (Returning Oct. 1, 2016)
Fast & Loose is Instant Theater - written overnight, and rehearsed and performed the next day!  By using the best of Sacred Fools' writers, actors and directors, as well as guests from other acclaimed local companies such as Circle X, Theatre of NOTE and ZOO District, the result is "one of the best theatre experiences in town!" (BackStage West)

Began April 1998
Next show: July 31, 2016
Ten Tops is a Very Eclectic Open Performance Event.  Ten or more performers get up to seven minutes each to do anything they want, from dramatic readings to sketch comedy to dance!

Began late 1997
Next show: TBA


In Magnum Opus Theatre, you'll thrill - and howl - as an amazingly awful screenplay is presented live, on our stage.  Word for word.  Unedited.  We didn't change a thing.  Originally the longest-running serial in Serial Killers (36 weeks), it later became a hilarious show all its own!  You'll fall on the "flood" laughing!

Magnum Opus Theatre ran from
December 2007 - July 2012
Constant Motion Pictures was our Monthly Mondays Film Fest!  About an hour worth of short films of all types - and no fee for filmmakers to submit!  Because YouTube is free, but a live audience is priceless.

Contant Motion Pictures ran from
August through October of 2007
Retro Radio both evokes and gently spoofs the Golden Age of Radio.  Each all-original installment (presented as an episode of the fictional Biz Billingham Radio Revue) recreates the fun of radio detectives, cowboys, sci-fi and horror, complete with live sound effects and ads for other Foolish shows done in the style of old-time radio ads.

Retro Radio ran sporadically from 2001-2007
Music Night is an occasional night of live music - from acoustic to rock 'n roll, featuring original tunes and covers!  Sometimes it's a good long while between shows... but it's always worth the wait!

Music Night ran from 1998 through 200

360 was our semi-annual Performance Marathon and Auction!  Six hours of the best of Sacred Fools and friends, along with food, drinks, dancing, and exciting auction items!  So dizzyingly fun and successful, 360 annually raised over $10,000 for the theater in just one night!  "Fresh, funny, and an innovative way to enjoy the theater!" (L.A. Splash)

Past productions: 2003 , 2004 & 2005
Slow & Tight took some of the best scripts ever written for Fast & Loose, and gave them a full production, resulting in an eclectic night of fascinating short stories that are "told simply, effectively, with humor and exhilarating imagination." (BackStage West)

Past productions: 2002, 2004 & 2005

Naked Holidays was an occasional frisky holiday treat - a collection of original short plays about the holiday season.  From thoughtful to risqué to just plain weird, Naked Holidays dealt with both the jingled and the jangled.

Past productions: 1999, 2002 & 2003

For five years, Crime Scene entertained audiences late-night Saturdays with a three-way twist of comedic mayhem.  With brand new episodes every single week of three different, unrelated storylines, the show became the longest running late-night serial in the world - eventually engaging the talents of nearly 100 writers and directors, and well over 500 actors!

Visit the
Crime Scene archives for a wealth of photos, videos and audio clips!

Crime Scene
ran from May 1998 - June 2003
Triple Crown was a fun-spirited competition where actors, writers and directors compete for your entertainment.  And you... you get to choose which three come back the next week... and which don't!  "A hell of a lot of fun... bravura late-night entertainment!"
(BackStage West)

Triple Crown ran in the summers of 2003 and 2004

Listen to This was one of our simplest and most affecting series.  Each month, host Tom Chalmers presented four or five guests, each telling true stories from their own lives, all themed around a particular topic.  Many of the stories can still be heard in the Listen to This archives.

Listen to This ran from Feb 2001 - Mar 2003

Flicker Cinema presented original films of all sorts featuring Fools and their friends.  Spiritual forerunner of Constant Motion Pictures.  (There was also a one-off Movie Night in November of 2000.)

Flicker Cinema ran from late 1998 - early 1999

FoOL was Sacred Fools' resident comedy troupe.  A Friday night fixture for four years, the ever-changing and evolving group tackled everything from improv to sketch.  

FoOL ran from June 1997 - Nov 2001