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by Jenelle Riley
directed by Douglas Clayton

5 Episodes
7/8/06 - 10/21/06

They're both crazy... crazy about each other.


Jenelle Riley

Jane (Eps. 1-3 & 5)

Michael Lanahan

Dick (Eps. 1-5)

Jaime Andrews

Summer (Ep. 1)
Jane (Ep. 4)

Stacey Jackson

Kaylee (Eps. 1-2)

Stephen Simon

Simon (Eps. 2 & 5)

Mary Guilliams

Mom (Ep. 3)

Jon Monastero

Dad (Ep. 3)

Franci Montgomery

Summer (Ep. 4)

Jane (Jenelle Riley) and her vaginally uninterested
but very dedicated boyfriend Dick (Michael Lanahan).

Jane's catty friends Summer (Jaime Andrews)
and Kaylee (Stacey Jackson).

Dick sets up Kaylee with his
friend Simon (Stephen Simon).

Kaylee is less than impressed.  He's no Dick.

Jane's parents (Jon Monastero & Mary Guilliams).

Jane's Dad (Jon Monastero) has a lot in common with Dick.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Maybe TOO much in common.

It's great when a family has so much in common.

A stylish proposal.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

A distraught Jane (Jaime Andrews)
has barely eaten in three months...

...because a bump on the head has turned Dick straight.
- Photo of "Jane" by C.M. Gonzalez -

Desperate measures are taken by Jane and Summer (Franci Montgomery)...
- Photos by C.M. Gonzalez -

...have they succeeded?
- Photo on right by C.M. Gonzalez -

Jane brings in Simon as a last resort.

She has them share a beer and sets up for a romantic evening.
- Photo on right by C.M. Gonzalez -

A touchdown evokes great emotion,
but only for a moment.
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

Simon consoles Jane...
- Photos by C.M. Gonzalez -

...prompting a jealous reaction!
- Photo by C.M. Gonzalez -

- Photos by C.M. Gonzalez -