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written & directed by Aaron Francis

4 Rounds
1/28/06 - 3/4/06


- Photos -


Tegan Cohen

Princess Mei (Round 1)

C.M. Gonzalez

Battle Robot (Rounds 1-2)
Battle Lobster (Round 4)

David Nott

Cross (Round 1)
Rubekan (Rounds 2-4)

Ariel Kostrzewski

Princess Deleterious (Rounds 2-3)

Franci Montgomery

Multiple Girl (Round 3)

Susan Burns
Mary Guilliams
Meghan Jolly
Katie Leavitt
Mandi Moss
Vanessa Perkins

Multiple Girl Duplicates (Round 3)

Susan Burns

Princess Loli (Round 4)

Joe Hendrix

Duplicate (Round 4)
and Paul Plunkett as all the Voices
Puppeteers: Ernesto Vazquez-Belen, Aaron Francis,
Joe Jordan, Padraic Duffy & Jaime Robledo
(Click on the blue-framed pictures for larger versions)

Rubekan (David Nott), still trying to avenge the
death of Princess Mei, uses his kicking power!

Oh no!  It is Princess Deleterious
(Ariel Kostrzewski)!
But surely she is too adorable to be dangerous?

Oh no!  Princess Deleterious has summoned Multiple Girl!
(Vanessa Perkins, Mandi Moss, Meghan Jolly & Katie Leavitt)
Not pictured: Franci Montgomery, Susan Burns & Mary Guilliams.
There was some serious Multiplyin' goin' on.

L-R: Vanessa Perkins & Mandi Moss

L-R: Mandi Moss, Meghan Jolly & Katie Leavitt

You can't see me!  I'm a puppeteer!
I'm a puppeteer and you can't see me!
Photos by Haven Hartman