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written & directed by Tom Kiesche

2 Episodes
7/23/05 - 7/30/05

In a world where certain things seem impossible... They're not. They're not impossible... They are simply, improbable. Improbable. After all, when you remove the "L" from the word "world" you get the word "word." And the word is "Improbable."


Dawn Stahlak

Cherise Talty McGovern (Ep. 1)

Andrew Deutsch

Rex McGovern (Eps. 1 & 2)

Eric Johnson

Brick Wall (Ep. 1)

Corey Klemow

T. Rex McGovern (Ep. 2)

Tenaya Cleveland

Dori (Ep. 2)

Miss Terri Velour

Grace Kinkaid (Ep. 2)