Welcome to Sacred Fools Theater Company, est. 1997

written by Jaime Robledo
directed by Ben Rock

3 Episodes
12/10/05 - 1/21/06

A tale of betrayal, attempted murder, actual murder, sex,
torture, and bloody vengeance... Not necessarily in that order.


Kate McKiernan

Zara (Eps. 1-3)

Franci Montgomery

Demi (Eps. 1-3)

Yuri Lowenthal

Doctor (Ep. 1)

Frank Stasio

Deuce (Ep. 2)

Anthony Backman

Victor (Eps. 2-3)

Dawn Stahlak

Corman (Eps. 2-3)

Shelby Medlang

Betty (Ep. 2)

Joey Slamon

Dolly (Ep. 2)

Trey Staffora

Pandora (Ep. 2)

Rich Williams

Django (Ep. 3)