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selected by Vanessa Claire Perkins
directed by Joe Jordan

Every week, hundreds of untrained writers from around the world
send their unsolicited, unregistered scripts to Hollywood production
companies in the hopes that their story will rise above the rest to be
made into a feature film. Most never even get read... until now.

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CHAPTER TWO: Episodes 9-21
"Love Written in the Stars"
A 14-Part MAGNUS OPUS Miniseries
Can the ghost of a famous actor protect
a young girl from her abusive aunt?
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Michael Lanahan

Jeff Lenz (Eps. 9-12 & 18-21)

Shannon McClung

Tim Markly (Ep. 9)

Henry Dittman

Tim Markly (Ep. 20)

Paul Plunkett

Director #1 (Ep. 9)
Director #2 (Ep. 20)

Jaime Robledo

Assistant (Ep. 9)
Guy #1 / Elder Lady (Ep. 11)
Jerk (Eps. 14-15)
Co-Star #1 (Ep. 21)

Joe Jordan

Gangster #1 (Ep. 9)
Paramedic #1
(Ep. 9)

Jon Monastero

Gangster #2 (Ep. 9)
Paramedic #2
(Ep. 9)
Nick (Eps. 15, 17, 18 & 21)

Michael Franco

Gangster #3 (Ep. 9)
Set Worker
(Ep. 9)

Jenelle Riley

Marla (Ep. 10)

Stacey Jackson

Mandy (Ep. 10)
5am Anchor (Ep. 12)
Linsay (Eps. 13-18 & 21)

Adam Bitterman

Doc #1 (Ep. 10)
Old Fogey
(Ep. 12)
Cop #1 (Ep. 16)
Date / Announcer (Ep. 18)

Franci Montgomery

Amber (Eps. 10-14 & 16-21)

Kimberly Atkinson

Jasmin (Eps. 10-14 & 16-17)

Jaime Robledo & Philip Newby

Fans (Ep. 10)

Laura Napoli & Michael Franco

News Anchors (Ep. 10)

Frank Stasio

Guy #2 / Fan (Ep. 11)
Sam (Eps. 13 & 18)

Anthony Backman

Sam (Eps. 15, 17 & 21)

Laura Sperrazza

Girl #1 / Linsay (Ep. 11)

Haven Hartman

Girl #2 (Ep. 11)
Kirsty (Eps. 11, 13, 17 & 18)

Mary Guilliams

Watch (Ep. 11)
Brandy (Eps. 11, 17 & 21)

Vanessa Perkins

Female Voice (Ep. 12)
Brandy (Ep. 18)

Matt Andrade

TV Jeff (Ep. 12)

Julie Lockhart

Native Lady/Cop Secretary (Ep. 12)

Ruth Silveira

School Secretary (Ep. 13)
Old Lady (Ep. 19)

Jenelle Riley

Teacher / Bus Driver (Ep. 13)

Paul Plunkett

Parent #1 (Ep. 14)

Jenifer Hamel

Parent #2 (Ep. 14)

Mary Guilliams

Brandy (Eps. 14-15)

Jaime Andrews
Laura Sperrazza
Vanessa Perkins

Snobs (Ep. 14)

Rebecca Larsen

Movie Amber / Amber (Ep. 15)
TV Girlfriend (Ep. 18)
Receptionist (Ep. 20)
Kirsty (Ep. 21)

Joe Hendrix

Movie Jeff / Jeff / Kind Guy (Ep. 15)

Kathi Copeland

Mrs. Windem (Eps. 15-16, 18 & 21)

Kiff Scholl

Doc #2 (Ep. 16)

Laura Napoli

Cop #2 (Ep. 16)

Joe Jordan

Jurier (Ep. 17)

Jaime Andrews

Stewardess (Ep. 19)
Co-Star #2 (Ep. 21)

Padraic Duffy
Jenelle Riley
Jaime Robledo

Passengers (Ep. 19)

Joe Fria

Gavin (Eps. 20-21)

Andrea LeBlanc

Mary Hart (Ep. 21)

Adam Bitterman & Jenelle Riley

Crowd (Ep. 21)

Padraic Duffy & Joe Jordan

Reporters (Ep. 21)

Jacob Sidney

Leonardo DiCaprio (Ep. 21)

Jeff has been shot!

The righteous Assistant (Jaime Robledo) confronts
the egomaniacal Director (Paul Plunkett)
Click the picture to watch a video of this scene!

Jeff's mother Marla (Jenelle Riley) and fiancee
Mandy (Stacey Jackson) have a heart-to-heart.
Click the picture to watch a video of this scene!

Doc #1 (Adam Bitterman) tries to tell them
that Jeff's really dead and not playing a prank.
Click the picture to watch a video of this scene!

Jeff's fans (Jaime Robledo & Philip Newby) mourn him.

Amber (Franci Montgomery) is taunted by
her mean Aunt Jasmin (Kimberly Atkinson).

A ghostly Jeff (Michael Lanahan) visits Amber.

Cop Secretary (Julie Lockhart) and TV Jeff (Matt Andrade)
in a scene from one of Jeff's old television appearances.

Amber with the Old Fogey (Adam Bitterman)

The Native Lady (Julie Lockhart) from Amber's
dream, sitting in front of her hut (and not
around back where the electrical circuits are).

Three cheers for the Bus Driver (Jenelle Riley),
the Bus Driver, the Bus Driver, three cheers for
the Bus Driver, the best of them all...

More of Amber's friends -
Kirsty (Haven Hartman) and Sam (Frank Stasio)

"She gets an excuse out. The excuse says that she is unexcused."
Ruth Silveira as the School Secretary

"...she looks up into his eyes, as he looks deep into her eyes as
well. It is a beautiful moment." Linsay (Stacey Jackson) and Sam

"She rests her head on her knees."

Popular and nice Brandy (Mary Guilliams) and the three
snobs (Vanessa Perkins, Jaime Andrews & Laura Sperrazza)

Amber's parents (Paul Plunkett & Jenifer Hamel)
"She grabs his chin to look into his eyes."

Movie Amber (Rebecca Larsen) and Movie Jeff (Joe Hendrix) -
"Movie Jeff walks up behind her and touches
her face.  Her face starts to glow."

Brandy on a disastrous date with the Jerk (Jaime Robledo) -
"They get into his car - and that is when everything goes crazy."

Nick (Jon Monastero), Linsay and
Sam (Anthony Backman) comfort Brandy

A bruised and beaten Amber (Rebecca Larsen) runs away
from home, and is given a ride by a Kind Guy (Joe Hendrix).
"If you focus on the guy, he becomes Jeff."
Roll mouse over photo to watch the Guy become Jeff!

Linsay's mother Mrs. Windem (Kathi Copeland) takes Amber in.

Doc #2 (Kiff Scholl) scratches his chin in thought.
"I don't believe any of my colleagues would say such."

Cop #1 (Adam Bitterman) and Cop #2 (Laura Napoli)
arrive to question Amber about Jasmin.
Click the picture to watch a video of this scene!
More videos below... just scroll down a bitsy... -

The Jurier (Joe Jordan) reads
the verdict at Jasmin's trial.

Nick is really, really enthused about prom.
Click the picture to watch a video of this scene!

"Oh, Jeff, I'm so sorry that I wish for
things that I know is impossible..."

TV Girlfriend (Rebecca Larsen) and TV Jeff

Brandy (Vanessa Perkins) gives Nick puppy-dog eyes.

The gang bids Amber farewell at the airport
as she leaves for Hollywood to follow her dreams.
It doesn't get any more on the nose than this, folks.
Click the picture to watch a video of this scene!

The Old Lady (Ruth Silveira) reassures first-time flier
Amber, "There are more car crashes than
airplane crashes, so you are pretty much safe."

The hospital receptionist (Rebecca Larsen)
is protective of Tim Markly.

Amber visits a guilt-stricken and dying Tim Markly (Henry Dittman).
Click on the picture above to hear Tim's self-diagnosis.

Gavin (Joe Fria) plays Jeff in Amber's movie.

The director (Paul Plunkett):
"I am going to show you how you should act."

Amber can see the real Jeff is there, but nobody else can.

On the red carpet at the Oscars, Jeff tells Amber that she
should stay with Gavin - "He is the perfect guy for you."

Interviewed by Mary Hart (Andrea LeBlanc).

Leonardo DiCaprio (Jacob Sidney) presents Amber with her Oscar.

Amber and Jeff are finally united... at Amber's funeral,
after her sudden, unexpected and inadequately explained death.

An EPILOGUE to "Love, Written in the Stars" was presented as part
of the First Annual Thursty Awards...
details here, photos below!

Linsay:  "I believe love is written in the stars, and fate
guides us to the one person we are to love forever!"

Linsay & Sam and Nick & Brandy get married.

Gavin, grief and guilt-stricken, becomes a priest... JUST KIDDING!
He's found true love with Kirsty, "filling her emptiness she feels."

Even Mrs. Windem finds love with a Nice Guy (Jaime Robledo).

Hear some final words of wisdom from Linsay