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selected by Vanessa Claire Perkins
directed by Joe Jordan

Every week, hundreds of untrained writers from around the world
send their unsolicited, unregistered scripts to Hollywood production
companies in the hopes that their story will rise above the rest to be
made into a feature film. Most never even get read... until now.

CHAPTER FOUR: Episodes 35-36
"What's Love Made Of, Anyway?"
A 2-out-of-13 Part MAGNUS OPUS Miniseries
Leila's a psychologist who can't even handle
her own love life.  The irony.  Oh, the irony.
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Jaime Andrews

Leila (Ep. 35)

Franci Montgomery

Sandy (Eps. 35-36)

Michael Lanahan

Mike (Eps. 35-36)

Troy Vincent

Craig (Ep. 36)
by C.M. Gonzalez

"Major crisis?"  Sandy (Franci Montgomery)
takes a hysterical phone call from Leila
as Mike (Michael Lanahan) lies at her side.

Sandy tries to comfort Leila (Jaime Andrews).
Possibly the most completely insane conversation
in the entire history of "Magnum Opus Theatre."
Click any picture to watch a video of this scene!

Even Thursty can't keep a
straight face for this one.

Mike and his also newly-heartbroken friend
Craig (Troy Vincent) - she left him for a "kama sutra man" -
have a similarly insane conversation over a heavy breakfast.

"They exchange devious yet amusing looks."
See, Sandy and Mike have figured out that their friends
Leila and Craig are both going through the same thing, and so
they get the idea to... oh, you can see where this is going.
And I guess the audience could, too, because after
36 episodes, this was the END of "Magnum Opus"!