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written & directed by Jenifer Hamel

1 Episode

In an effort to become a happy human being, Morrissey, Pop's
greatest malcontent, buys a time machine and plows a lonely furrow.
Will Morrissey's purchase soothe his unsatisfied yearnings?
Can time travel cheer up the Bard of Mopery?

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Frank Stasio


Shirley Anderson


Matthew Garland


Corey Klemow
Stephen Simon
David Nott

The Wise Men

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From Episode One (7-1-06)

Morrissey (Frank Stasio), mopey as ever, has
arrived in biblical times to try to cheer himself up.

Mary (Shirley Anderson) and Baby Jesus (Himself)

The Three Wise Men (L-R: David Nott, Corey Klemow & Stephen Simon)
present gifts to the Newborn King.  Pa rum pum pum pum.

Interrupted by a rant from Joseph (Matthew Garland),
who, understandably, is feeling a bit left out.

Joseph complains to Morrissey about how shitty his life is.

Morrissey complains to Joseph about how shitty life is.

Awesome costumes by Jenifer Hamel, this story's auteur.