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From the author of IN TOO DEEP comes...

written by Bill Robens
directed by Douglas Clayton

2 Episodes
4/22/06 - 4/29/06

Where once they picked cotton, this Okie family must
learn to harvest a new crop: the crop of despair!


Adam Donshik

Narrator (Eps. 1-2)

Zach Diestler

Tom (Ep. 1)

Alex Boekelheide

Tom (Ep. 2)

Jean Franzblau

Loretta (Eps. 1-2)

McKerrin Kelly

Ma (Eps. 1-2)

Ryan Shively

Pa (Ep. 1)

Ezra Buzzington

Pa (Ep. 2)

Jeffrey Markle

Foreman Jones (Ep. 1)
Preacher Jones (Ep. 2)

Doug Jones

Tubby (Ep. 1)

Benj Goehner

Tubby (Ep. 2)


"Y'all aren't Okies, are ya?"  Tubby and Foreman
Jones threaten Tom.  (L-R: Doug Jones, Jeffrey Markle,
Ryan Shively, Zach Diestler and McKerrin Kelly)

Oklahoma plates... a dead giveaway that the family
isn't from the Texas Panhandle as Tom claimed...
Far right: Loretta flirts with the Narrator (not pictured)

Tom (Zach Diestler) and Ma (McKerrin Kelly)

Pa (Ezra Buzzington)

Thirsty Pa (Ezra Buzzington) and reassuring
Ma (McKerrin Kelly) after a locust attack
Click the picture to watch a video of this scene!
From Episode Two, 4-29-06

Tom (Alex Boekelheide) and Loretta (Jean Franzblau)

Tubby (Benj Goehner) and Preacher Jones (Jeffrey Markle)

"I'm 15... but I'll be 16 in 11 months!"

Tubby and his locust collection

Adam Donshik is your gee-tar strummin' narrator