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written by Padraic Duffy

12 Episodes
7/23/05 - 11/12/05

- Photos & Video -

Episodes 1-5:
The story of a young boy who dreams of becoming
the most famous horse trainer in the world,
and the six foot fly who loves him.

Episodes 6-11:
Sure, Jimmy's now the greatest horse trainer in
the world.  But can he defeat the evil sex clowns
and win back his five-foot horsefly girlfriend?

Episode 12:
Zoe takes after her horse-fly mom: she might
eat crap, but she won’t take it from anyone.

Directed by...
 Lara Schwartzberg (Episode 1)
David LM Mcintyre (Episode 2)
John Wuchte (Episode 3)
Aaron Francis (Episode 4)
Josh Moyse (Episode 5)
Jacob Sidney (Episodes 6-12)


Dawn Stahlak

Fly (Eps. 1-7, 11)

Avi Klein

Jimmy (Eps. 1-2, 4-5)

John Wuchte

Jimmy (Ep. 3)

Chris Goodson

Jimmy (Eps. 6-11)

Henry Dittman

Chamois (Eps. 1, 2, 4 & 7)

Ben Cubbedge

Chamois (Ep. 5)

Ehrin Marlow

Northwood's Fizzy Dancer (Ep. 1)

Jay Bogdanowitsch

Northwood's Fizzy Dancer (Ep. 5)

Kathi Copeland

Jimmy's Mom (Eps. 1, 3 & 5)

Ryan Templeton

Patty (Eps. 1, 2, 4 & 7)

Lisa Anne Nicolai

Patty (Ep. 3)

Tane Kawasaki

Patty (Ep. 5)

Emily Maya Mills

Maxi (Eps. 2-3)

Philip Newby

Lewis (Eps. 2-5 & 12)

Grady Lee Richmond

Crazy Man McMurphy (Ep. 2)

Aaron Francis

Blumpkin (Eps. 4-5)

Corey Klemow

The Clown (Eps. 5-9 & 11)

Trish Gilmore

Ashley the Sex Monkey (Eps. 6-11)

Iris Bahr

The Happiness Fairy (Eps. 6-10)

Victor Isaac

Sheen McDougall (Eps. 7 & 12)

Lola Ward

Arleta the Cowgirl (Eps. 8-11)

Eric Layer

The Troubador (Eps. 8-9)

Claudia Melatini & Gina Hirsch

The Solid Gold Klan Dancers (Ep. 8)

Joe Fria

Benny the Deer (Eps. 9-11)

Crystal Keith & Gina Hirsch

The Solid Gold Klan Dancers (Ep. 9)

Vanessa McGrady

Eunice (Eps. 10-12)

Haven Hartman

Clea (Eps. 10-12)

Michael Franco

The Weatherman (Eps. 10-11)

Mathew Moore

Lettuce Stairs (Eps. 11-12)

Emily Nelson

Zoe (Eps. 11-12)

Ernesto Vazquez-Belen

The Little Man in the Boat (Eps. 11-12)

Matt Ford

Flowers the Lumberjack (Ep. 12)

Jacob Sidney

Nipples (Ep. 12)


L-R: Henry Dittman as Chamois
Ryan Templeton as Patty
Avi Klein as Jimmy

Below photos are from the First Annual Thursty Awards!
- Photos below by Victor Isaac -

Jenelle Riley as Fly, our narrator.

Avi Klein as Jimmy, dreaming of horses.

He dreams his hero, Chamois (Henry Dittman), the world's
greatest horse trainer, pays him a visit, alone with his
horse, Northwood's Fizzy Dancer (Joe Jordan)
Click on the photo to watch this scene!

"I have come to molest you!"  (He meant
"bother."  His English is not so good.)

Kathi Copeland as Mom, who has been
down at the bar finding Jimmy a new daddy.

Stacy Chbosky as Patty,
Jimmy's posessive girlfriend.

Patty swears vengeance on Jimmy!
Click on the photo to watch this scene!