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by Bob DeRosa
directed by Alicia Conway Rock

Everyone's born with a gift.
Some are just bloodier than others.

7 Episodes
Original Run: 2 Eps, 2/28/15 - 3/7/15
Playoffs Run: 5 Eps, 4/11/15 - 5/2/15, 5/16/15

EPISODE ONE (2/28/15)

SUMMARY:  Margo is just a mousy librarian working at the research assistance desk, happy not to be noticed and with no ambitions to move up to the front desk - despite scorn from her overbearing supervisor, Eleanor.  But one day, a mysterious and rude man named Lancaster arrives.  He tells her that her job is obsolete, but Margo proves adept at telling him where in the library to find the answer to any query.  He is testing her... and, after revealing that he knows far too much about her, via an app on her phone that has assessed her as having genius-level talents, he springs his final test on her: setting two thugs on her.  Time to kill or be killed.  Margo, to her own shock, manages to kill them both.  As she stands in the bloody carnage, shaking, Lancaster hires her as an assassin, to be trained to be among the best killers in the world, and unleashed upon the enemies who oppose all that is right and good.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

EPISODE TWO (3/7/15)

SUMMARY:  Margo enters training for "The Establishment," but it soon becomes clear, to Lancaster's confusion, that Margo has no idea how to fight.  She has no clue how she defeated and dispatched Lancaster's thugs when he recruited her at the library.  But eventually Lancaster deduces that Margo can only fight when her life is actually threatened.  He tells the other recruits that the first to kill her will get $100,000... and within moments, they're all dead by Margo's quivering and confused hand, and Lancaster informs her that she's "graduated."  She still doesn't want to be a killer.  She wants to build libraries.  But Lancaster tells her that with the money she'll earn, she'll be able to build all the libraries she wants.  Margo doesn't trust him, but agrees to take the job anyway, and Lancaster prepares to send her on her first assignment.


Photos by Marian Gonzalez


SUMMARY:  Lancaster has Margo parachute into the midst of a bunch of terrorists, knowing she'll be able to kill them all once attacked.  Lancaster tells his superiors that he'll find a way to keep her on the job if she ever wants out.  Which she does.  He finds that way when Margo falls for Henry, a handsome and shy man who works for the Establishment as a cleaner, cleaning up the dead bodies Margo leaves in her wake.  And the men Margo killed in the library the day Lancaster recruited her were Henry's brothers.  If she ever quits, Lancaster will tell Henry who his brothers' killer is.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Margo once again makes short work of a group of terrorists, while Lancaster becomes convinced that she's falling for him.  He is rudely awakened when he finds Margo and Henry passionately kissing while she assists him with his "cleaning" duties.  As Lancaster takes Margo aside to once again threaten to tell Henry that she killed his brothers, Henry is attacked by a terrorist... and Margo rescues him, killing his attacker.  It seems that Margo's skills are activated not just by herself being in mortal danger, but in anybody she cares about being in mortal danger.  And so Lancaster plans to use Henry as bait on Margo's next mission.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Margo rescues Henry from a group of terrorists, killing them all - and this isn't the first time.  Lancaster's been using Henry as bait for a while now.  Lancaster says he'll only stop when she realizes that only killing when she or her loved ones are in danger is a crutch, and she can use her murderous skills any time she wants.  Margo once again threatens to leave, and Lancaster confesses his romantic interest in her... and once again threatens to reveal that she killed Henry's brothers.  She decides to chance running from The Establishment.  Lancaster sends out three operatives - their next best killers after her - armed with guns.  He thinks there's no way she can outrun bullets... but, with a single motion, she throws three daggers into their throats, killing them instantly.  She really IS that fast.  As she and Henry make their escape, pledging to be together forever, a heartbroken Lancaster speaks on the phone with his mysterious boss, telling him that he opened up his heart to her and she still ran off with the cleaning guy.  And now he's going to kill her.  The operatives may not have worked, but he's got an idea: the only way to kill a librarian... is with another librarian.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Margo and Henry are hiding out in a small town, trying to build a new life, and Margo is the librarian at a small library.  However, their new neighbor, kindly Mrs. White, turns out to be a former librarian - and killer - herself, and she's guessed Margo's secret.  Mrs. White has left that life far behind, but she has some advice for Margo - including, never ever tell Henry her secret.  Things seem idyllic until Lancaster calls.  He's found them.  As they get ready to go, Lancaster tricks her into revealing her secret while Henry is listening.  Henry, heartbroken, breaks up with Margo and leaves.  As Margo prepares to leave as well, she is confronted by her old boss Eleanor, who is also a librarian and assassin in Lancaster's employ.  She quickly overpowers Margo and stabs her, twisting the knife.  As Margo sinks to the ground, she reveals that her deadly library clerks have captured Henry and rendered him unconscious.  Mrs. White arrives and knocks out the clerks.  Eleanor makes as if to leave... and then whips around and deals the old lady a mortal blow.  The clerks revive and leave with Eleanor, the unconscious Henry in tow, as Mrs. White dies in Margo's arms.  And to make matters worse, a detective bursts in, finds Margo holding Mrs. White's body with a bloody knife in her hands, and places her under arrest.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Detective Crane finishes grilling Margo, who the medics have patched up as best they could. He says he believes her, but he's not in charge - his partner is.  And that partner... is Lancaster. Crane isn't a police detective; he's part of The Establishment, and Crane simply wanted to meet her.  They have one more job for her: Eleanor has turned traitor, and is training the Clerks as her own private army.  Margo accepts, but only because it's the only way to save Henry, who Eleanor still has captive.  After she leaves, Crane muses that she can't win, and that no matter what happens, it would seem to be the end of The Establishment.  And in short order, Crane realizes that it really is the end... Lancaster has poisoned Crane's cofee, wrapping up loose ends as The Establishment comes crashing down.  Meanwhile, Margo has a final, blistering confrontation with Eleanor, who was about to kill Henry.  Eleanor seems to have the upper hand... but Margo turns the tables when she realizes that Eleanor can't read.  Eleanor, emotionally vulnerable, takes a hit from Margo, but soon escapes to the roof, where she threatens to throw Henry off.  But Margo... offers to teach Eleanor to read.  She began the day as a killer, but would really like to end it as a librarian.  Eleanor, moved, finally relents, and lets Henry go.  Margo is good to her word, and not only teaches Eleanor to read, but also trains Eleanor's Clerks to be librarians.  Henry is still feeling betrayed from having learned that Margo killed his brothers, but it looks like the two will eventually work it out.  The idyll is shattered when Margo gets a call from Lancaster... who says he killed Henry ten minutes ago.  Henry is drinking poisoned coffee he got from a truck outside, and he collapses and dies in Margo's arms.  Lancaster appears, and tells Margo that they can be together now.  He thinks he's safe because Margo's life isn't being threatened, but Margo throws a knife into his throat and kills him... because she can.  Margo, devastated by the day's events, leaves, never to return... but leaves the library she loved in the hands of the Clerks.  It's a place of love. Of hope. Of redemption. But if anybody ever comes looking for trouble, the newly-minted Librarians will be ready.  All the best killers are librarians.

Photos by Aaron Francis


Lauren Van Kurin

Margo (Eps. 1-7)

Eric Giancoli

Lancaster (Eps. 1-7)

Jennifer Christina DeRosa

Eleanor (Eps. 1 & 6-7)

Corey Klemow

Interviewer (Detective Crane) (Eps. 1-7)

Will McMichael

Tough Guy 1 (Ep. 1)
Special Forces Officer (Ep. 2)
Henry (Eps. 3-7)

Gabe Leonard

Tough Guy 2 (Ep. 1)

Nikki Nemzer

Karate Master (Ep. 2)

Eugene Nova

Mercenary (Ep. 2)

Mike Mahaffey

Terrorist (Eps. 3-5)
Operative (Ep. 5)
Clerk (Eps. 6-7)

Marian Gonzalez

Terrorist (Eps. 3-5)
Operative (Ep. 5)
Clerk (Eps. 6-7)

Monica Greene

Terrorist (Eps. 4-5)
Operative (Ep. 5)
Clerk (Sally) (Eps. 6-7)

Carrie Keranen

Mrs. White (Ep. 6)
Fight Choreography by Mike Mahaffey (Eps. 4-7)