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by Zachary Bernstein
directed by Scott Leggett

Forbidden love is ready for takeoff.

2 Episodes
1/24/15 - 1/31/15

EPISODE ONE (1/24/15)

SUMMARY:  In the early 1930s, forbidden lovers Pavle, from East Bozena, and Nadia, from West Bozena, meet on opposite sides of a canyon.  Pavle is the son of Igor Blagovest, and the Blagovests are hated in West Bozena; the last time Pavle tried to visit her, the villagers tried to kill him and he lost half of a foot.  But Pavle will not be denied; he tells Nadia that when the snow clears, he will hike into the canyon on his almost-two-feet, find a trail to her, take her away on a plane to Denmark (or maybe Portugal... Denmark is nice, but who wants to live next to Hitler?), and build a house with his bare hands that they can live in together.  Nadia, however, loves Pavle too much to allow him to risk his life for her.  And besides, it's too late.  Her mother has promised her to a stoic, boring trader named Neno... and the wedding is next week.  As Nadia leaves a heartbroken Pavle, he begins to hobble away... and then, with a mighty yell, he attempts to leap the canyon.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

EPISODE TWO (1/31/15)

SUMMARY:  Pavle doesn't quite make the leap, and ends up dangling from the edge of the cliff, unable to pull himself up.  He is rescued by a trio of passerby - but it turns out they are Nadia's brutish brothers Ivo, Ilia and Yan, who followed her out tonight, and Pavle is in danger.  Meanwhile, Nadia's mother, Bojana, upbraids her for not wanting to marry Neno, and for going out on her own when Nadia is not in good health and is subject to dizzy spells.  After Bojana and Neno leave, her brothers arrive with Pavle in tow.  Nadia is horrified that he risked his life to see her; her brothers, who think they are protecting her, say they are taking Pavle to the police.  They also say that as the son of the dictator Igor Blagovest, Nadia could be killed for being involved with her.  Pavle, chastened, promises he will tell nobody about their affair.  They leave, Ivo warning Nadia to stay put.  But after they leave, Nadia resolves to come to Pavle's rescue.

Logo by Jim Pierce & Danielle Heitmuller Nadia's brutish brothers, including Ilia (Bryan Krasner) and Yan (Abraham Benrubi) capture Pavle. Nadia, her overbearing and overprotective mother Bojana (Shannon Nelson), and uninspiring chicken-obsessed groom Neno (Corey Klemow). Brother Ivo (Mike Mahaffey) prevents Nadia from approaching Pavle. Pavle promises to tell nobody of his involvement with Nadia, for her own safety.

Photos by Scott Golden


Cj Merriman

Nadia (Eps. 1-2)

Joe Fria

Pavle (Eps. 1-2)

Corey Klemow

Neno (Eps. 1-2)

Shannon Nelson

Bojana (Ep. 2)

Mike Mahaffey

Ivo (Ep. 2)

Bryan Krasner

Ilia (Ep. 2)

Abraham Benrubi

Yan (Ep. 2)