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written by Anna Nicholas
directed by Scot Shamblin

These Heights are wuthering.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (2/7/15)

SUMMARY:  At a meeting of a book club at a nursing home, Binnie tries to get a discussion going on "Wuthering Heights," but everybody's too busy misunderstanding each other, mishearing each other, or are too focused on their own aches, pains and complaints.

Folks begin shuffling in for the book club. (L-R: Erin Holt, Joshua Benton, Marian Gonzalez & Scot Shamblin) Binnie (Valentina Kolaric, R) tries to get Darla (Erin Holt, L) on topic. Frances (Emily Donn) just keeps on complaining about everything. Eve (Carolyn Crotty) isn't really staying on topic either.

Photos by Scott Golden


Valentina Kolaric

Binnie (Ep. 1)

Emily Donn

Frances (Ep. 1)

Erin Holt

Darla (Ep. 1)

Carolyn Crotty

Eve (Ep. 1)

Marian Gonzalez

Lulu (Ep. 1)

Joshua Benton

Horowitz (Ep. 1)

Scot Shamblin

Culligan (Ep. 1)

Anna Nicholas

Nurse Cochram (Ep. 1)