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written & directed by Chris Murphy

Mystery. Intrigue. Nothing is what it
seems in the light of the Blue Moon.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (10/25/14)

SUMMARY:  Low-rent private detective Floyd Spaulding is approached by the wealthy and stunning Mindy Gerbrawlski to help investigate a case involving the maiming of her husband, Mike Gerbrawlski at a shady nightclub, the Blue Moon.

Private Detective Floyd Spaulding (Chris Murphy) A potential client appears in the form of Mindy Gerbrawlski (Perry Daniel). Spaulding doesn't want to take the case, but Mindy is persuasive. Mindy introduces her husband, the maimed Mike Gerbrawlski (Matt Merchant).

Photos by Aaron Francis


Chris Murphy

Private Detective Floyd Spaulding

Perry Daniel

Mindy Gerbrawlski

Matt Merchant

Mike Gerbrawlski