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written & directed by Jenelle Riley

It's like Magic... with a K.

Episode 32


As part of Serial Killers' Tenth Anniversary celebrations, a new episode of
classic serial
DARQUE MAGICK was presented as Vote Count entertainment!

SUMMARY:  Sarah, Mystere's long-suffering ex-wife, is at a funeral... but who should show up but Mystere and Nosey Mr. Norman.  Sarah had told him it was a bachelorette party to keep him from ruining the funeral with his wacky antics, but it didn't work.  As Mystere makes a scene, Nosey Mr. Norman hits on all the women in the audience, and the two of them drag one of them onstage for a very unsexy sexy dance.  Mystere is ultimately reunited with his true love, Sascha - while Mr. Norman receives an unexpected overture from the funeral home director - and all is well once more.

Sarah (Jenelle Riley) is annoyed at the intrusion of Nosey Mr. Norman (Michael Lanahan) and Mystere (Joe Fria) at Sascha's mother's funeral. A shrug. What's the big deal? Mystere and Nosey Mr. Norman, thinking they're crashing a bachelorette party, grab an audience member and do a "sexy" dance for her. Mystere is reunited with his true love, Sascha (Jaime Andrews). Pants. Ankles. Classic Mystere.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Joe Fria


Jenelle Riley


Michael Lanahan

Nosey Mr. Norman

Jaime Andrews


JJ Mayes

Funeral Home Director