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written by Joshua Benton
directed by Scot Shamblin

If these guys show up at your door, chances
are you did something really stupid.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (10/25/14)

SUMMARY:  Underworld assassin duo Felt (the brains) and Krim (NOT the brains) have been assigned by The Condor to kill a man.  As they lie in wait at his home, they argue, and the soft-hearted and soft-headed Krim reveals that he remembers the name of everybody he's killed, as it's a sort of way of telling himself that they're actually still alive, because he remembers them.  However, the next people to arrive are another set of assassins, Bate and Switch, who were also sent by The Condor.  As Krim begins to fall for the equally soft-headed Switch while Felt and Bate trade barbs, yet another pair of assassins arrive, also claiming to have been sent by The Condor...

Felt (Guy Picot) and Krim (Joshua Benton), on a mission for The Condor. Felt is critical of Krim's skills... and pretty much everything else. Bate (Jessica Sherman, R) and Switch (Rayshell Curtiss, L) arrive, also on the same mission from The Condor. Annnnnnnnnd two more (Jamie Fluet & Matt Merchant) agents arrive, also sent on an assasination mission from The Condor. What's going on... ?

Photos by Aaron Francis


Guy Picot


Joshua Benton


Jessica Sherman


Rayshell Curtiss


Matt Merchant


Jamie Fluet