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written & directed by Joe Gressis

You think acting is tough now?
Wait until after the Apocalypse!

4 Episodes
Original Run: 3 Eps, 10/11/14 - 11/15/14
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 4/4/15

EPISODE ONE (10/11/14)

SUMMARY:  Hollywood is still up and running after the apocalypse, and Martin is tired of competing against mutants for roles.  However, he is horrified to learn that he has become a mutant himself - although he looks human, he can project his thoughts, a power he can't always control.  After a particularly embarrassing and awkward audition overseen by a slavering yet reasonably polite man-eating horror, he considers coming out as a mutant to his agent so he can get roles, but quickly learns that his human friend Ursula - now a fierce mutant-hating warrior - would not hesitate to kill him if she learned the truth.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez

EPISODE TWO (10/25/14)

SUMMARY:  Martin has developed the power of voiceover flashbacks. Avi, Martin's agent, gets him and fellow client Sheila a big audition for a Woody Allen film.  However, Allen has taken up necromancy and taken over Sony Studios, and is now the Necromancer Warlord of Culver City, able to raise the dead and turn them into a zombie army.  When he proves more interested in having his zombies kill his auditioners then in casting them in his post-apocalyptic sequel to "Annie Hall," in which he makes clear that he had always meant the story to be about mutants (and Mia Farrow's army of Falcon Men), Martin uses his powers of flashback to reveal Allen's rise to power and his weakness.  Upon having his powers negated, Allen pleads for his life, but all Martin and Sheila want is a role in his film.  A relieved Allen happily acquiesces... but Martin's still pretty sure he's going to kill them anyway.

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE THREE (11/15/14)

SUMMARY:  Avi gets Martin and another client of his, Ralene, a straight offer the "Entourage" movie, though Ralene's character is just called "the box" and egomaniac creator Doug Ellin can't hear a word Ralene says because he can't hear women's voices.  Avi - who is a terrible actor and has a hard time remembering his lines - also ends up with a bit role.  The only surviving original cast member of "Entourage" is Adrian Grenier, who has mutated into a grunting, skull-faced green monster who becomes murderously angry when anybody forgets their lines and improvises.  Within short order, Grenier is strangling Avi, and to save him, Martin must use his newest mutant power - the power to make music from films play when he strikes iconic movie poses.

Ralene (Jessica Sherman) and Martin prepare to audition for "Entourage: The Movie" as Doug Ellin's assistant Janet (Lisa Anne Nicolai) looks on. A scene from the "Entourage" film. (L-R: Donald Thoms Cappello, Erik Engman, Bryan Bellomo, Dana DeRuyck & Jessica Sherman) Enter mutant Adrian Grenier (Scot Shamblin). Adrian's pissed - and Avi's in mortal danger - when Avi forgets his lines and starts improvising.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


SUMMARY:  As Martin prepares for a big audition, he runs into a couple of friends in the waiting room.  Fellow mutant/actor Hillary demonstrates her power to create dramatic music, while Alice has the power of dramatic lighting.  But when Grady, another auditioner, says his power is to make actors think they have mutant powers - just before Martin is called into the audition room - Martin is thrown into doubt about his own abilities.  And the role is for mutants only, on pain of death.  Back in the waiting room, Grady admits he was just messing with Martin; his real power is being a dick.. literally, as his left hand has morphed into a gigantic phallic appendage.  So Hillary and Alice enter the audition room to help the now-floundering Martin.  With their assistant, Martin kicks ass at his audition... and wins not the role he thought he was auditioning for, but the role of "Waiter #4."

Audition waiting room. (L-R: Scott Golden as "Grady," Carrie Keranen as "Hillary," Julia Griswold as "Alice" and Bryan Bellomo as "Martin") Martin freezes up in the audition room. (L: Will McMichael as "Blob") Grady is both a figurative dickhead and a literal dickhand. Martin aces his audition with surreptitious help from Hillary and Alice.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Bryan Bellomo

Martin (Eps. 1-4)

Mark Whitten

Perry (Eps. 1-2)
The Reaper (Ep. 2)

Joe Gressis

Hideous Voice (Eps. 1 & 4)

Donal Thoms-Cappello

Avi (Eps. 1-3)

Amy Vorpahl

Ursula (Ep. 1)

Garrett Mendez

Waiter (Ep. 1)

Julia Griswold, Travis Snyder-Eaton,
Erik Engman & Friends

The Diners (Ep. 1)

Lisa Anne Nicolai

Stella Adler / Zombie (Ep. 2)
Janet (Ep. 3)

Rick Steadman

Ronald / Zombie (Ep. 2)

Lauren Van Kurin

Sheila (Ep. 2)

Corey Klemow

Warlord Woody Allen (Ep. 2)

Erik Engman & Perry Daniel

Zombies (Ep. 2)

Jessica Sherman

Ralene (Ep. 3)

Bruno Oliver

Doug Ellin (Ep. 3)

Scot Shamblin

Adrian Grenier (Ep. 3)

Erik Engman & Dana DeRuyck

Audience Members (Ep. 3)

Carrie Keranen

Hillary (Ep. 4)

Julia Griswold

Alice (Ep. 4)

Will McMichael

Blob (Ep. 4)

Scott Golden

Grady (Ep. 4)