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written by Crystal Keith
directed by Jacob Sidney

Saving the world one song at a time.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/6/14)

SUMMARY:  Agent Goldie Gardner - with what appears to have been no help whatsoever from her new partner Agent Tom Fielder, who is still getting up to speed on exactly what it is Goldie does - is a deep Black Ops agent whose primary skill is singing.  Goldie saves songs from evil villains who would ruin those songs together.  This week, she saves Sam Cooke's 1964 hit "Good Times" - which the agency believes may hold the code for world peace - from the self-absorbed riffing of the evil Angelica Riffing, who is going to sing the song at the Superbowl halftime show, ruining the song for the entire country.  With the help of Cleo the computer, Agent Gardner manages to dub herself over Angelica in the national broadcast while Angelica remains unaware, as her own earphones are feeding her own voice back to her.  The song is saved... but word gets out that a country song is about to be imperiled by lousy country singer Petunia Whining, and so it's off to Nashville for Agent Goldie Gardner.

Agent Goldie Gardner (Crystal Keith) gets the lowdown. As Goldie listens in horror, her new partner, Agent Tom Fielder (KJ Middlebrooks) is confused as to the actual nature of their work. Stan (Richard Levinson) arrives, drunk but ready to play his keyboard... for AMERICA. Villainous singer Angelica Riffing (Cj Merriman) and her lackey (Michael Lanahan).

Photos by Aaron Francis


Jacob Sidney


Crystal Keith

Agent Goldie Gardner

Julis Griswold


KJ Middlebrooks

Agent Tom Fielder

Cj Merriman

Angelica Riffing

Richard Levinson


Michael Lanahan


Lauren Van Kurin

Petunia Whining