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written by Alyson Mead
directed by Danielle Ozymandias

This is what happens when you drop
your cell phone into a tequila fountain.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (9/13/14)

SUMMARY:  Rachel Bone's life has been unbearable since she dropped her cell phone into a tequila fountain and it achieved sentience.  The phone, who a spiteful Rachel has now named "Princess PussyFace," is full of blisteringly honest and cynical observations about Rachel's life, and blurts them out loud, in public, all the time.  This makes it hard for Rachel to pick up guys, but Hal's willing to listen.  Even with Rachel's apparent previous conquest - a droopy elephant/man thing named Gasbag - still in tow.

Rachel Bone (Dana DeRuyck) in one more of her unending arguments with her phone (voice of Shaela Cook). Rachel meets Hal (Colin Willkie), while Gasbag (Scott Krinsky) desultorily hangs around. Un-best friends to the end.

Photos by Zachary Bernstein


Dana DeRuyck

Rachel Bone

Colin Willkie


Shaela Cook

Princess PussyFace

Scott Krinsky