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by Pete Caslavka
directed by JJ Mayes

Ghostbusting all over your place.

Next Time: Episode 2
Began 2/28/15

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (2/28/15)

SUMMARY:  Maisie is excited to find out that her home is haunted - a ghost keeps moving a chair.  She hopes to become famous, and hires a team of ghostbusters to help prove the ghost's existence.  However, the ghostbusting team a) want to get rid of the ghost, b) have never done this before, and c) are actually pretty incompetent.  In fact, their ghostbusting equipment is all fake and they have to make noises with their mouths to make it look like it's doing something.  But they do have one slight advantage: two of them, a pair of nattily-dressed men in shades, are actually ghosts themselves.  They see the ghost, a housewife who - after their living teammate Sabra looks up the house's history via Google - they realize is repeating a loop of the actions that led to her death.  She's moving a chair because she died by falling off the chair to change a light bulb.  Every time they move the chair back, she repeats the loop.  They realize they need to leave the chair alone so the ghost will re-experience her death and be able to move on, but it turns out, when Thomas accidentally hits the ghost in the head with a chair and "kills" her, that it doesn't really matter how the loop is broken.  The ghost moves on, and the new ghostbusting team christens themselves "S.H.A.D.E.S."  Which probably stands for something.  Like maybe "Super-Human Agents Destroying Every... Stuff."

Ghostly ghostbusters Thomas (Mitch Eakins) and John (Pete Caslavka). The ghost (Monica Greene) is filmed by Maisie (Melanie Minichino), who hopes to gain viral video fame. Ghostbustin' a move. (L-R: Monica Greene, Pete Caslavka, Melanie Minichino, Julia Griswold & Mitch Eakins). Wrappin' it all up.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Pete Caslavka

John (Ep. 1)

Mitch Eakins

Thomas (Ep. 1)

Julia Griswold

Sabra (Ep. 1)

Melanie Minichino

Maisie (Ep. 1)

Monica Greene

The Ghost (Ep. 1)