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by Peter Fluet
directed by JJ  Mayes

The end of this day is the beginning of a long,
hot, brutal night.  So bring comfortable shoes.

7 Episodes
Original Run: 2 Eps, 1/31/15 - 2/7/15
Playoffs Run: 5 Eps, 4/4/15, 4/18/15 - 5/2/15, 5/16/15

EPISODE ONE (1/31/15)

SUMMARY:  When vapid celebrity Mark Timmons takes his time boarding a plane, the plane is delayed - much to the annoyance of the pilot, the short-tempered and violent Shep.  Mark's entourage is a mass of self-involved jerks, many of whom want each other dead - including Mark's brother Jacob, who is having an affair with Mark's wife, Lydia; they want Mark out of the way.  As everybody learns about Shep's violent tendencies, they all plot to murder the people who annoy them and frame Shep.  Meanwhile, Shep's teenage daughter Connie, who Shep seldom gets to see, is spending a reluctant weekend as his co-pilot (it's a long story).  Connie is a big fan of Mark Timmons, and can barely contain herself when she learns that he's going to be on the plane.  Mark Timmons finally boards, but the flight has been delayed so long that they've missed their window to avoid a major storm - which they must now fly through.

Photos by Scott Golden

EPISODE TWO (2/7/15)

SUMMARY:  The future: reporter Cora Sterns interviews an elderly woman about the mysterious events of the Tangerine Sunset.  Present day: the passengers of the plane weather a rocky, turbulent storm and nearly crash, just barely surviving.  Shep is murderously furious when he learns that some of the turbulence was due to Mark Timmons being on his cell phone.  Despite this, all the other passengers begin using their cell phones after Shep returns to the cockpit.  Lydia begins to back out of her plans with Jacob to kill Mark, while the rest of the passengers continue their plotting to kill Lydia.

An unnamed elderly woman (Jamie Fluet) is interviewed by Cora Sterns (Colin Willkie) about the long-ago mystery of the Tangerine Sunset. Mark Timmons is using his cellphone on the plane. Lydia's had about enough. A tender moment between Lydia and Mark.

Photos by Scott Golden


SUMMARY:  The plane has crashed, thanks to Mark Timmons, and Shep attacks him, vowing to leave him dead in a ditch.  When Shep leaves Mark for dead, the others are inconsolable - especially Connie - but Mark eventually rises, proclaiming that he was just acting.  Suddenly, a well-dressed man named Tomas arrives, telling him he'll lead them to the mansion of his wealthy employers... the Tangerine Sunset.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


SUMMARY:  At the Tangerine Sunset compound, we meet a twisted couple: the nearly-paralyzed Moira and her billionaire husband, Casper - as well as their terrified servant Dawniel, who is tasked with helping Moira move, but is shrieked at and threatened by the couple whenever he makes eye contact with Casper... which, due to his duties, is frequently.  As the passengers of the downed plane arrive, Moira is given her injection, which allows her to move normally for a time.  Casper welcomes them all, but soon gets into an argument with Casper about what sort of animal's roar they've just heard coming from the jungle.  Casper says it's a jaguar, but Mark insists it's a Puma... and for some reason, believes that as a great actor - who can also rap and do magic - he knows a Puma when he hears one.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  As everyone from the plane crash retires to their rooms, Casper asks Moira which of the women's bodies she'd like to have; he himself is planning on taking the body of Mark Timmons - and CC's body, if that doesn't go well.  Moira can't decide, so they spy on their guests via one-way mirrors in their rooms.  Dawniel asks if he'll finally be free once they have their new bodies, but he is shouted down and terrified into silence.  In their rooms, Heather, Tonya and Sebastian agree that they still want to kill Lydia, while Lydia and Jacob are still agreed that they want to kill Mark.  CC accuses Brenda of wanting to sleep with Shep, which she denies - but she's all over him when he visits their room.  Outside, Connie leaps into Mark Timmons' arms, hoping for a tryst with her favorite movie star; though he tries to push her away, they are caught by Shep, who is enraged to to him "molesting" his daughter.  Back inside, Moira ambushes Heather, who she had earlier heard mocking her; it seems she's decided whose body to take...

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  A traumatized Dawniel has found Heather's body - or is he the one who killed her? - but it seems that Moira is still deciding on whose body to take.  But it's time for the Tangerine Sunset ball, and Casper's not sure if he can go through with it... not the plans to steal two bodies for Moira and himself, but with the small talk at the party.  Meanwhile, Tonya and Sebastian continue to plot to kill Lydia, as they believe she's hindering Mark's career, while Jacob and Lydia want to kill Mark for the insurance money.  Shep has decked Mark for "molesting" Connie, and is then waylaid by Brenda, who comes on to him.  Shep breaks her heart by saying that sleeping with her was a mistake he doesn't intend to repeat.  Mark and Jacob, who are twins, get into a fight; as twins, they are evenly matched in strength (even while noting that that makes no actual sense), but a puma attacks them mid-battle.  Moira, whose body manufactures too much calcium, which is slowly turning her into a statue, runs into a heartbroken Connie.  Upon learning that Connie is only seventeen, she tells her that she CAN be with Mark... and chloroforms her; her choice of body has been made.  Shep catches her in the act, but Tomas shoots him before he can come to his daughter's rescue.  Elsewhere, Tonya and Sebastian meet Dr. Augustine, a scientist who quibbles with the definition of "mad."  However, he says, he has reanimated a corpse.  As the staggering, mindless and now re-animated form of Heather lurches in, Dr. Augustine leaves, locking them in the lab with the ghastly remains of their friend.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY:  Zombie Heather bites CC, who is convinced he's going to turn into a zombie himself. Lydia finds Shep, and Dr. Augustine claims he can help nurse him back to health. Mark tells Jacob he was just acting and isn't really mad at his brother, but Jacob confesses his affair with Lydia; suddenly, Tomas kidnaps Jacob, confusing him with Mark... but Mark has an idea involving the Puma. Tomas runs into Sebastian and Tonya, the latter of whom tries to distract him with her feminine wiles so they can free Jacob, but while she's doing that Tomas manages to snap Sebastian's neck. He is only prevented from killing Tonya by the arrival of an enraged Lydia, but ultimately, it's Mark to the rescue when he throws the puma at Tomas. They are all distracted when Dr. Augustine reveals that he's turned Shep into a monster. Everybody gathers together, and Mark gives his blessing to Jacob and Lydia's love.  Casper and Moira arrive, and Casper shoots nearly everyone in the room. Shep begs Connie to shoot him between the eyes and leave him dead in a ditch; Connie can't do it, so a dying Brenda grabs the gun and does it herself... after which CC and Brenda comfort each other as they slip away. Connie, though wounded, escapes, but Casper, Moira and Tomas grab Mark and Tonya for the body swap. Meanwhile, Dawniel initiates the body swap, but something goes wrong - there's a blackout and gunshots, and when the lights come back on, Mark Timmons is gone, and Moira is still in her own body, nearly immobile... and an enraged Dawniel takes his revenge for his years of servitude, strangling Moira. Meanwhile, Lydia is looking for Mark and Jacob, but instead runs into Dr. Augustine, who says he's locked Casper in a virtual reality, and thrown Jacob in there with him... while in another room, Dr. Augustine has locked Mark... who he has made immortal by combining him with the puma, turning him into a Pumatar - head of a puma, body of a man.  Lydia can only have one of them, and Lydia chooses Jacob.  As they leave, she runs into officer Dave Theune, who everybody the whole episode has been talking up as the most awesome person in the world.  Meanwhile, the Pumatar does a "magic" act for the crowd. [WEBMASTER IS PAINFULLY AWARE THERE ARE MANY INACCURACIES IN THIS SYNOPSIS AND IS WAITING FOR THE AUTHOR TO SEND HIM A SCRIPT]

Photos by Aaron Francis


Brandon Barrick

Mark Timmons (Eps. 1-2 & 4-7)

Pete Caslavka

Mark Timmons (Ep. 3)

Peter Fluet

Jacob Timmons (Eps. 1-7)

Amanda Blake Davis

Lydia Timmons (Eps. 1-7)

Matt Valle

CC (Eps. 1-7)

Donal Thoms-Cappello

Sebastian (Eps. 1-7)

Erika Rose

Heather (Eps. 1-7)

Monica Greene

Tonya (Eps. 1-7)

Lauren Van Kurin

Brenda (Eps. 1-7)

Pat Towne

Shep (Eps. 1-7)

Julia Griswold

Connie (Eps. 1-7)

Colin Willkie

Cora Sterns (Ep. 2)
Tomas (Eps. 4-7)

Jamie Fluet

Elderly Woman (Ep. 2)

Esteban Andres Cruz

Tomas (Ep. 3)

Bryan Krasner

Dawniel (Eps. 5-7)

Heather Schmidt

Moira (Eps. 5-7)

Scott Leggett

Casper (Eps. 5-7)

Chris Alvarado

Dr. Augustine (Eps. 6-7)

Victor Isaac

Dave Theune (Ep. 7)

Natalie Rose

Assistant (Ep. 7)

Brendan Patterson

Pumatar (Ep. 7)