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by Sarah McKinley Oakes
directed by David LM McIntyre

Juggling, a carnival and wholesome family
values?  One of those needs to be tossed.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (1/31/15)

SUMMARY:  Cub reporter Jimmy is given a chance by his boss, Martin Morris, to do more than sharpen pencils: he is to use his juggling skills to infiltrate the carnival and write an expose in the terrible things the carnies do.  He quickly gets a job with the show, but soon finds that the carnies are the most wholesome and nice people in the world... and hints of romance quickly begin between Jimmy and Cordy, the daughter of Fred Biddle, the carnival's owner and star juggler.  The carnival is in financial trouble, and Fred meets with Frannie Green, a woman looking for some excitement in her life, who can't decide whether to invest in the carnival or in a biker bar.  Meanwhile, Cordy overhears Jimmy on the phone with Martin, who insists that Jimmy write a negative story no matter what the truth is.  Cordy tells her father, who realizes that a story in the paper could be good publicity - and could also convince Frannie to invest.  So he and Cordy decide to give Jimmy his story and Frannie her excitement, and, despite their earnest squareness, attempt to pretend their carnival is dangerous, exciting and cool.

Cub reporter - and amateur juggler - Jimmy (Ari Radousky) is assigned by his editor, Martin Morse (Corey Klemow) to go undercover at the traveling carnival. Wholesome carnies Cordy (Aviva Pressman) and Fred Biddle (Curt Bonnem). Jimmy applies for a job as a juggler. Sparks fly between Jimmy and Cordy.

Photos by Scott Golden


Ari Radousky


Corey Klemow

Martin Morris

Curt Bonnem

Fred Biddle

Aviva Pressman


Juliette Storace

Frannie Green