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written & directed by Esteban Andres Cruz

Two cousins, who possess a secret super power,
are discovered, and must choose between saving
Amurika or keeping their talents under wraps.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/13/14)

SUMMARY:  Julio and Jackie are two cousins who have a secret super power - the power of their pelvi to knock people out.  They are drafted to be secret agents by Charlie, who tells them they must only use their pelvic powers to defend Amurika, and never for sex.  They must be on the lookout for Madame Natalia Makarova, an aging and evil ballet dancer whose bones have shattered with age and who wants to steal the cousins' pelvi for herself.  Still, that night, Jackie hooks up with Betty, and the in-the-closet Julio hooks up with Matt, though only Jackie consummates the act.  Jackie, having ejaculated, finds himself without his pelvic powers to defend himself when Madame Makarova takes Betty hostage at knifepoint on the window ledge outside their apartment.  As Julio attempts to come to the rescue, Madame Makarova pushes Betty off the ledge...

The Two Cousins, Jackie (Jaime Robledo, L) and Julio (Esteban Andreas Cruz, R), with their handler, Charlie (Bart Tangredi). Madame Natalia Makarova (Monica Greene) and her broken bones. ĄTWO COUSINS! Madame Makarova takes Betty (Heather Tyler) hostage, while the Cousins talk strategy.

Photos by Scott Golden


Bart Tangredi


Jaime Robledo


Esteban Andres Cruz


Heather Tyler


Monica Greene

Madame Natalia Makarova

Max D. Kleine