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written by Chad Skiles
directed by Maddy Bryan

Just a couple of bros... botching it with hoes.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (1/24/15)

SUMMARY:  Uptight Sam and womanizing Brad are brothers and roommates.  Brad was supposed to set Sam up on a date with Katie, a girl from Brad's workplace... but he completely forgot.  To make it up to Sam, he calls Katie, but before he can get too far into the conversation, Katie asks HIM out.  Sam's upset, but when Brad tries to break it off by calling Katie back and claiming to be sick, Katie says she's not feeling great either, and invites herself over.  Brad asks a now furious Sam to leave, but it's too late - Katie's at the door, and Brad asks Sam to go and hide in the closet.

Sam (Zach Paul Brown, R) is pumped for his date tonight; Brad (Chad Skiles, L) is supportive but, as he's pretty forgetful about anything that doesn't directly involve him, doesn't know what Sam's so pumped about. Brad attempts to give Sam a pep talk. Brad's pretty much always taking it easy. Sam's pretty much always a lonely stressball.

Photos by Marian Gonzalez


Chad Skiles

Brad (Ep. 1)

Zach Paul Brown

Sam (Ep. 1)

Maddy Bruan

Voice of Katie (Ep. 1)