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written by TJ O'Brien
directed by Sabrina Lloyd
ep. 4 directed by Erik Engman

Off with your self-esteem!

4 Episodes
Original Run: 3 Eps, 10/3/15 - 10/17/15
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 4/9/16

EPISODE ONE (10/3/15)

SUMMARY:  It's Alex's first day temping at a high-powered talent agency, and the seemingly friendly Mary Ellen shows him around. However, he is soon left alone with his co-worker, the high-strung Eoin, who quickly disabuses Alex of any notion that working at the agency will be any fun at all. Long hours, no lunch break, and mad dashes to and from the bathroom will be the norm. The agent Alex is supporting, Bobby, is out of the office, leading Eoin to have to grab Alex's phone and go into damage control mode when Alex commits the no-no of letting the caller know Barry's not there. Alex gets a further look at how things work when the agent Eoin supports, Amanda Matters arrives, and nearly makes Eoin flog himself with his own belt for some minor infraction. Still, Alex is chipper and ready to make the best of things. When Mary Ellen informs them that the person Alex is temping for is more ill than originally thought and won't be coming back to the office for a long time, Eoin is very upset to be stuck working with Alex.

Photos by Shaela Cook

EPISODE TWO (10/10/15)

SUMMARY:  Eoin is stunned when Alex does something nice for him, though the words "thank you" are foreign to his vocabulary. Meanwhile, movie star Dash Mason flirts with ingenue Chloe Cartwright, infuriating Amanda, who has been dating Dash. Upset, she calls a meeting fellow agent Bobby Barrett and their boss, uber-agent Grant Worthington. Amanda suggests they should drop Dash from the agency, and is incensed when Grant simply reassigns him to be Bobby's client. Both Dash and Bobby are bros-of-a-feather, and Amanda icily proclaims that they deserve each other. After the meeting, she takes out her frustrations on Eoin.

Photos by Victor Isaac

EPISODE THREE (10/17/15)

SUMMARY:  Alex has a first date, but Eoin tells him he can't leave until his agent leaves. Unbeknownst to Alex, however, Bobby is staying in the office all night, watching the game and getting drunk, because he broke up with his girlfriend and has nowhere else to stay. At midnight, Alex finally checks up on Bobby, who passes out on him, immobilizing Alex. The next morning, Bobby apologizes - and tells Alex not to listen to Eoin. Bobby thinks agenting doesn't need to be about yelling and screaming and making people feel awful, and although the two are very different, Alex and Bobby bond; Bobby offers to teach Alex about sports, while Alex will take the uninitiated Bobby to the theatre. Meanwhile, Eoin deals with a nonsensical series of demands from Amanda.

Photos by Victor Isaac


SUMMARY: Alex has been ?floating? as Amanda?s assistant in Eoin?s absence, and she asks Alex to consider making it a permanent arrangement. She?s livid that Eoin chose to attend his mother?s funeral in person after she offered to set up a live feed so he could stay at his desk. When Eoin returns, he has finally had enough and blows up at Amanda. Eoin reminds Alex that while they were trapped in the elevator between episodes, they had talked about forming their own agency, and he?s ready to move forward with the idea. Before Alex can even answer him, Bobby grills him about Amanda?s suspicious behavior and reveals that he?s asked HR to make Alex his permanent assistant. Alex comes to the sinking realization that nobody is on nobody?s side - but everyone expects him to be on their side, as Amanda, Eoin, and Bobby literally play tug-of-war with him until he collapses. Meanwhile, Bobby catches Amanda snooping through DIE?s confidential files in preparation to form her own agency.


Colin Thomas Jennings

Alex (Eps. 1-4)

Cynthia Beckert

Mary Ellen (Ep. 1)

TJ O'Brien

Eoin (Eps. 1-4)

Rebecca Larsen

Amanda Matters (Eps. 1-2 & 4)

Colin Willkie

Bobby Barrett (Eps. 2-4)

Paul J. Ballin

Dash Mason (Ep. 2)

Jennifer Erin Bailey

Chloe Cartwright (Ep. 2)

Bart Tangredi

Grant Worthington (Ep. 2)

Crystal Diaz

Time Girl (Ep. 3)