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written by Bart Tangredi
directed by JJ Mayes

A man. A bathrobe. A hero.

3 Episodes
Original Run: 2 Eps, 11/14/15 - 11/21/15
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 4/9/16

EPISODE ONE (11/14/15)

SUMMARY:  One morning, grumpy and bathrobe-clab Phil Deville grouses to his wife, Connie, about how the neighborhood keeps treating him like a hero. He just wants to eat his breakfast in peace and get his son, Junior, to do the weed whacking (which Junior declines to do because he's a musician and has delicate hands - although his band is a Nickelback tribute band, much to his father's derision), but his life is a series of accidental heroic actions, and everybody keeps calling him to ask him to help them. Even as he sits at the kitchen table, the phone keeps ringing; when he finally answers at Connie's insistence, it's someone asking him to help find his dog... and right at that moment, the missing dog starts barking on Phil's lawn. When Phil goes out to do the weed whacking, a mugger runs by and trips over Phil's weed whacker, severing his foot - and making him a hero to the woman whose purse was stolen. A reporter immediately appears on the scene, covering the story of the wonderful hero who stopped the mugger; the woman sings Phil's praises while Phil just fumes.

Photos by Victor Isaac

EPISODE TWO (11/21/15)

SUMMARY:  Phil's irritated with Junior when he eats the last Pop Tart - Phil's regular breakfast, and is also irritated that Junior's band now not only covers Nickelback, but Toto. After he makes Junior go out to mow the lawn, Connie brings up a night of karaoke in 1985 when Phil sang Toto - a night she promised she'd never mention. As a condition of keeping the secret, a giggling Connie makes Phil sing "Rosanna" for her. Phil subsequently goes to McDonald's to get some breakfast, staying in his bathrobe 'cause he's not gonna get out of the car. However, when the speaker at the drive-thru is broken, he has to go inside, where the kid working the register looks strangely like Junior. Phil ends up accidentally foiling a robbery when the gunman collides with him and Phil's hot coffee scalds the gunman, putting out his eye. The reporter arrives to declare Bathrobe Man to be a hero once more, and Phil's as unhappy as ever about it.

Photos by Victor Isaac


SUMMARY:  The reporter has taken to standing outside Phil's house, much to his annoyance. Also annoying: Junior's cover band has added Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" to their repertoire. As Phil takes their new dog, a "Bo-Pug-Ese," for a walk, Phil is accosted by a neighbor lady jogging who is a fan of his, and tries to steal his belt. Moments later, the dog suddenly drags Phil to some bushes, where a bag of cocaine is discovered - leading the reporter to pop up and declare that Bathrobe Man has just busted the biggest drug ring in the country. "It's just ONE BAG," grouses the accidental hero as the media once again lionizes him.


Bart Tangredi

Phil Deville (Bathrobe Man) (Eps. 1-3)

Alisa Tangredi

Connie Deville (Eps. 1-3)

Colin Willkie

Junior Deville (Eps. 1-3)

Natalie Rose

Woman (Ep. 1)

JJ Mayes

Reporter (Eps. 1-3)

Will McMichael

Gunman (Ep. 2)

Julia Griswold

Lady (Ep. 3)

Michael Lanahan

Bo-Pug-Ese (Ep. 3)