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by Amber Ruffin & Kevin Sciretta
music by David Schmoll
music direction by Emily Clark
directed by Victor Isaac

Muddirt is a hell of a town.

7 Episodes
Original Run: 3 Eps, 3/12/16 - 3/26/16
Playoffs Run: 4 Eps, 4/9/16, 4/23/16 - 5/7/16

EPISODE ONE (3/12/16)

SUMMARY: In the economically depressed little town of Muddirt, the perpetually-ill Francine is mother to an 8-year-old boy who has the body of a full-grown adult. Though innocent and sweet-tempered, the boy is clumsy and hated by the townsfolk. The boy's kindly doctor diagnoses him with a pituitary problem brought on by radioactive waste buried nearby; he'll grow bigger and bigger, covered with hair, and getting ever more clumsy, an inadvertent danger to everyone. Francine keeps the boy at home and out of sight of the townsfolk, but when the boy grows to be 18, she reluctantly takes the doctor's advice to send him off into the wilderness alone before the townfolk can discover him and become an angry mob.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE TWO (3/19/16)

SUMMARY: Bigfoot, who has accidentally been killing small animals, is sad about his exile to the woods, but his mother insists it's for his own good. And indeed, as the town of Muddirt goes bankrupt, the townsfolk choose to blame him for all their ills instead of the Mayor's drinking and gambling problems. Bigfoot sings of his loneliness - and then finds himself at gunpoint when Muddirt native Joanne goes hunting for him in the woods.


SUMMARY: Joanne turns out to be an outcast herself; she's a paranoid conspiracy theorist who thinks the government is out to control people via chips in their brains, and is the mysterious "Midnight Smasher" who has been smashing everybody's TVs. Realizing Bigfoot is a friend, she invites him to her cabin. Meanwhile, the Doctor attempts to keep the townspeople from forming an angry mob, but the Mayor manages to incite them, and they storm off to the forest to hunt and capture Bigfoot.


SUMMARY: The Doctor tries to rouse Francine to go off into the woods to rescue her son from the angry mob, but when Francine is too ill to so much as stand, the Doctor sets off by himself. Meanwhile, outcasts Bigfoot and Joanne are thrilled with their new friendship, and forest creatures join in as they sing of their happy mutual regard. They agree that it's the best day ever. However, the Doctor arrives bearing new of the approaching angry mob. It's the worst day ever!


SUMMARY: The Doctor gets Bigfoot and Joanne to hide just as the angry mob catches up with them. The Doctor tries to turn them against the drunken Mayor by revealing that he's sold their entire town to be turned into a water park - but somehow the Mayor manages to convince them that having a season pass to Splash Town will be really cool. The day is temporarily saved when the Mayor is too drunk to remember why he's out in the woods and leads everyone off to watch Hulk Hogan. Meanwhile, Francine, sicker than ever, hopes her son is okay, and reflects that he's the only thing she's ever done right. As she collapses to the ground, the Doctor arrives to update her on the situation and finds her unconscious.


SUMMARY: The Doctor attempts to rouse Francine, but (aside from some sucker punches) she is too weak to stand. She wants to see her son one more time before she dies, but as she's too weak to travel, the Doctor agrees to find him and bring him to her. On the way, he runs into the Mayor, who is well aware that the angry mob will tear him to pieces the moment they realize that he lied to them about how great it will be to live in a water park after their homes are destroyed. The Doctor is unmoved, and tells the Mayor that he's gong to get what's coming to him. However, the Mayor finds the Doctor's medical records about Bigfoot, learning that he really does exist, and is Francine's son. He decides his only hope of winning over the mob is to kill Bigfoot and tell them he was the source of all their troubles - though when he goes to Francine's, he finds her, unsurprisingly, unwilling to cooperate with his plan.


SUMMARY: Bigfoot's newfound happiness to find Joanne's friendship is interrupted when the Doctor arrives and tells him that his mother is dying and wants to see him. Bigfoot thinks his love will heal his mother, but the Doctor sadly tells him that's not now the world works. They desperately race to Francine's home before it's too late. Meanwhile, the Mayor riles up the angry mob of townspeople, revealing that Bigfoot is Francine's son so they'll follow him to her place. Bigfoot and the Doctor get to Francine first, but the mother and child reunion is cut short when Francine dies in her son's arms... just as the Mayor arrives with the angry mob in tow. Faced with this tableau, the townspeople seem to suddenly be having second thoughts, but the drunken and ranting Mayor takes out a gun and places it to the grieving Bigfoot's head, ready and willing to kill him...


Matt Merchant

Bigfoot (Eps. 1-5 & 7)

Lauren Van Kurin

Francine (Eps. 1-2 & 4-6)
Townsperson (Ep. 3)

Brendan Hunt

Mayor (Eps. 1, 3 & 5-6)

Joe Fria

Mayor (Ep. 2)

Michael Lanahan

Mayor (Ep. 7)

K.J. Middlebrooks

Doctor (Eps. 1-7)

Maya Dubose

Joanne (Eps. 1-5 & 7)
Demon (Ep. 6)

Emily Clark

Townsperson (Eps. 1-3 & 5)
Oh Ah (Ep. 4)
Demon (Ep. 6)
Francine (Ep. 7)

Matt Ritchey

Townsperson (Eps. 1-2)
Oh Ah (Ep. 4)

Julian Armaya

Townsperson (Eps. 2-3 & 7)
Oh Ah (Ep. 4)

Chris Alvarado

Townsperson (Eps. 3, 5 & 7)
Demon (Ep. 6)

Deanna Bakker

Townsperson (Ep. 5)

Erik Engman

Townsperson (Eps. 5 & 7)

Corey Klemow

Townsperson (Ep. 5)

Rebecca Larsen

Townsperson (Eps. 5 & 7)

Angela Sauer

Townsperson (Ep. 7)
Choreography by Amber Ruffin (Ep. 2)
Choreography by Maya Dubose (Ep. 7)