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written by Helen Typhlosis
directed by Ben Rock

Sometimes when the past catches up to you,
it has floppity ears and a scratchily tum-tum...

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (10/10/15)

SUMMARY:  When David runs into his old dog, Mr. Fluff-Face, outside the pet store, it's an awkward reunion. David got rid of Mr. Fluff-Face when he was just a puppy, having unwisely gotten him for his five-year-old and then expected the child to be responsible for him. It's been seven years; now Mr. Fluff-Face is 50 (in dog years) and has his own family. David, who claims he was only at the pet store to buy a goldfish, says he wants to bury the hatchet, and invites Mr. Fluff-Face over for Christmas dinner. Mr. Fluff-Face is wary - and when David tells him to bring the family, he realizes that David wants a Christmas puppy for his new four-year-old child, and try to try help repair his floundering relationship with his wife, from whom he is separated. He rounds angrily on David, saying he hasn't changed, but David pleads and begs for a second chance. Mr. Fluff-Face isn't convinced, but reluctantly agrees to come over. As soon as he's gone, David gloats that he's going to get a Christmas puppy.

Photos by Victor Isaac


Peter Fluet

Mr. Fluff-Face (Ep. 1)

Michael Lanahan

David (Ep. 1)