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written by Peter Fluet
directed by Peter Fluet,
Monica Greene & JJ Mayes

The heart wants what it wants
and learns to accept what it gets.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (3/19/16)

SUMMARY: Gwen is pregnant with her second child and not feeling terribly sexy, but her husband Tommy tries to cheer her up and put her in the mood. He says they'll role-play: he'll put on some sexy music, and she'll come up with a scenario (albeit a quiet one, as their first-born bab is sleeping). Gwen is reluctant, but Tommy reassures her that anything she comes up with will be great. However, her first two attempts involve her being in extreme danger, which throws Tommy completely - though he keeps insisting it's his fault for not going along with the game - and her third scenario involves her being a baby. They are interrupted by the arrival of Tommy's sister Denise, who has a story she insists is going to be really, really interesting.

Photos by Mandi Moss


Peter Fluet

Tommy (Ep. 1)

Monica Greene

Gwen (Ep. 1)

Julia Griswold

Denise (Ep. 1)

JJ Mayes

Narrator (Ep. 1)