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written & directed by Colin Willkie

Well, it is Albuquerque...

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/19/15)

SUMMARY:  Loose cannon cop Goose is dismissed from the force - and, due to his undercover work, has lost a substantial amount of "product," and is given one week to pay up by the shady duo of Brick and Mortar, the Big Man's enforcers. As things look bleak, he receives a strange visit from Hal - the all-knowing Spirit of the West - with a hazy offer of help.

Photos by Mandi Moss


JJ Mayes

Goose (Ep. 1)

Shaela Cook

Chief (Ep. 1)

Sean Pritchett

Brick (Ep. 1)

Colin Willkie

Mortar (Ep. 1)

Victor Isaac

Seth (Ep. 1)

Jaime Robledo

Hal (Ep. 1)

Bart Tangredi

Seth's Friend (Ep. 1)

Matt Valle

Masseuse (Ep. 1)