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written by Scott Golden
directed by Bryan Bellomo
(ep. 5 directed by Scott Golden)
music by Michael Teoli

He fails to see the irony.

5 Episodes
Original Run: 4 Eps, 11/28/15 - 12/19/16
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 4/16/16

EPISODE ONE (11/28/15)

SUMMARY:  Dr. Cat, an OBGYN who happens to be an actual cat, toils through an appointment with Lois, a crazy cat woman who makes weekly appointments with him. Dr. Cat is unhappy; he's a Harvard graduate, but because he's a cat, he gets no real respect. Only his thoughtful secretary, Jill, keeps him sane. When hanging out at a nightclub with his friends, the thoughtful Phil and the crass Larry, he bemoans the state of his marriage; all the excitement has gone out of it. And he finds himself enticed by enchanting nightclub singer Felicia.

Photos by Lisa Anne Nicolai

EPISODE TWO (12/5/15)

SUMMARY: Dr. Cat is mightily tempted by Felicia, who comes on to him strong, and accepts a ride home from her. Over the course of the car ride, he wrestles with his conscience - who appears in the form of a floating vagina named Toby. Toby gives him all the reasons he shouldn't cheat on his wife... and all the reasons he should. A conscience, it turns out, doesn't tell you what to do; it just lays out all the facts. Though torn, Dr. Cat ultimately opts to go home and not to Felicia's. But temptation lingers as she tells him she can call anytime if he changes his mind...

EPISODE THREE (12/12/15)

SUMMARY: Toby harangues Dr. Cat to tell his wife, Desiree, about his temptation with Felicia - and then tells him he's an idiot when he agrees to do so. However, when he arrives home, Desiree is startled that he's home so early. It turns out she's expecting a visit from Dr. Cat's brother, Tom, with whom she's been having an affair. However, Dr. Cat doesn't catch on, and when Desiree leaves the room, he confides his dilemma to his brother. Tom, not letting on why he's there, advises Dr. Cat not to do anything crazy. No sooner does he do so than a guilt-ridden Desiree enters and confesses her affair with Tom... and Tom quickly leaves.

EPISODE FOUR (12/19/15)

SUMMARY: With his marriage in shambles, Dr. Cat moves in with Larry, who encourages him to pursue an affair with Felicia. They go down to the jazz club where she sings, and Larry encourages a reluctant Dr. Cat to sign up for karaoke. Just as he's called to the stage, Felicia arrives. Stuck for a song to request, he sings the theme from "Cheers" with altered lyrics about his tribulations... and at the end of the song, he and Felicia kiss passionately.


SUMMARY: Dr. Cat goes home with Felicia, but while she makes herself more comfortable, Toby pops up to warn him that Felicia is a crazy cat lady - the house is festooned with yarn and cat magazines. The problem with his marriage is it got too comfortable; if she gets her hooks in him, he'll never be able to leave. On the other hand, it could be the best sex Dr. Cat has ever had. Dr. Cat panics and leaves before Felicia can emerge from her bedroom.


Scott Golden

Dr. Cat (Eps. 1-5)

Cj  Merriman

Lois (Ep. 1)

Julia Griswold

Jill (Eps. 1 & 5)

Michael Lanahan

Phil (Eps. 1-3)

Eric Toms

Larry (Eps. 1-2 & 4)

Bryan Bellomo

The MC (Eps. 1 & 4)
Tom (Ep. 3-4)

Rebecca Larsen

Felicia Silvestra (Eps. 1 & 4-5)

Libby Baker

Felicia Silvestra (Ep. 2)

Peter Fluet

Toby the Vagina of Conscience (Eps. 2-5)

Lauren Van Kurin

Desiree (Ep. 3)

Jacob Sidney

Dougie (Ep. 4)

French Stewart

Roller Skate Gary (Ep. 4)

Jake Broder

Piano Player (Ep. 4)

Michael Teoli

Tuba Player (Ep. 4)

Marian Gonzalez, Jacob Sidney, Jenelle Riley,
Erin Parks, Guy Picot, Eric Curtis Johnson,
Dana DeRuyck, DeAnne Millais & K.J. Middlebrooks

Jazz Club Patrons (Ep. 4)