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written & directed by Michael Holmes

It's 1947 in the hills near Los Feliz,
and the stars are right.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (6/4/16)

SUMMARY: Los Angeles, 1947. Author Douglas Spaulding is invited to a dinner party in the hills near Los Feliz and meets several other authors, including the elegant June Venus, the taciturn Bernard Hubble, and the scoundrel Jay White-Narvelles. Douglas has recently returned from a trip to Europe, where he saw something horrible that he doesn't wish to speak about... but the others suspect he has brought something back with him. June gets Douglas to do a divination with tarot cards - after tainting all of their drinks with a hallucinogen - and Douglas' fearful but cryptic pronouncements seem to portend the end of the world.

Photos by Mandi Moss


Scott Golden

Douglas Spaulding (Ep. 1)

Mandi Moss

June Venus (Ep. 1)

David LM McIntyre

Bernard Hubble (Ep. 1)

Joe Fria

Jay White-Marvelles (Ep. 1)