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written by Emily Donn
directed by Monica Greene

You did this, America.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/12/15)

SUMMARY: The incompetent President Mayes films his address to the nation, in which he is compelled to deny recent rumors that elves have been fighting crime. However, the "elves" are real, and are actually First Daughter Karen and her friend Megan, who have secret identities as crime fighters, tipped off to danger by the President's secretary Penny. When Penny reports a threat to President Mayes' life at a ball attended by the First Family and a French diplomat and his wife, they spring into action just as quickly as they can get their costumes on...

Photos by Aaron Francis


David Mayes

President Mayes (Ep. 1)

Lisa Anne Nicolai

Veronica Mayes (Ep. 1)

Heather Schmidt

Karen (Ep. 1)

Julia Griswold

Megan (Ep. 1)

Emily Donn

Penny (Ep. 1)

Amir Levi

Intern (Ep. 1)

Sean Sweeney

Pierre (Ep. 1)

Angela Sauer

Cosette (Ep. 1)

Sondra Mayer

Agent S (Ep. 1)

Victor Isaac

Agent V (Ep. 1)

Mike Mahaffey

Agent M (Ep. 1)