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written by Halee Johnson
directed by Rebecca Larsen

There's no place like corporate
America for the holidays.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/12/15)

SUMMARY:  Olivia is a capable working woman climbing the corporate ladder in the big city. As Christmas approaches, Olivia is drinking at a bar with her friends who are just there to validate her own emotions and ambitions when she sees her boss, the handsome and wealthy but self-involved Derek, and is encouraged by her friends to ask him out. Meanwhile, in Olivia's hometown of Peaceful Town, the also-handsome but dirt-poor and humble Andrew, works in a soup kitchen with his friend Steve. Back in the city, Derek gives Olivia a big job: the corporation is going to close their factory in Peaceful Town - putting everybody out of work - and since she's from Peaceful Town, he asks her to go there and announce the layoffs, figuring she's best positioned to put a good spin on the situation. She is reluctant... until she learns there's a big promotion in it for her. Will Peaceful Town be left destitute? Will Olivia learn some lessons of the heart? Have you ever seen a single Hallmark Christmas movie ever?

Photos by Aaron Francis


Carrie Keranen

Olivia (Ep. 1)

Rebecca Larsen

Alice (Ep. 1)

Sondra Mayer

Chloe (Ep. 1)

Joshua Benton

Derek (Ep. 1)

JJ Mayes

Steve (Ep. 1)

Sean Pritchett

Andrew (Ep. 1)

Keith Ferguson

Radio DJ (Ep. 1)

Erika Rose Salomon

Cassie (Ep. 1)

Bruno Oliver

Dale (Ep. 1)

Colin Willkie

Hot Waiter (Ep. 1)

JJ Mayes, Shaela Cook, Victor Isaac,
Colin Willkie, Sean Pritchett & Erika Rose Salomon

Carolers (Ep. 1)