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written & directed by Michael Mandell

A widower arrives in Heaven only to discover that
his dead wife, who died first, didn't wait for him.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/5/15)

SUMMARY: When Mitch Friedman chokes to death on a sample cocktail weenie at Costco, he wakes up in heaven, surrounded by his deceased family members (though he's still at Costco, because heaven turns out to be a mirror image of earth). He then meets Hussein, his concierge, who will be showing him around u until he gets the ropes.  Hussein relentlessly hits on all the ladies and doesn't understand why Mitch isn't doing the same... but Mitch is looking for one special lady... his deceased wife, Harriet. That night, as Mitch sleeps in his new apartment, Harriet comes to visit, and is somewhat creeped out by all the photos of her Mitch has on his wall... and the massive back-tat he got of her face after she died. But Harriet is keeping a secret from Mitch... one she's not revealing just yet.

Photos by Lisa Anne Nicolai


James Hassett

Mitch Friedman (Ep. 1)

Shaela Cook

Denise Friedman (Ep. 1)

Libby Baker

Harriet Friedman (Ep. 1)

Bart Tangredi

Abe Friedman (Ep. 1)

Rodnesha Green

Gloria / Sample Lady (Ep. 1)

Rafi Silver

Hussein (Ep. 1)