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written by Crystal Keith
directed by Jacob Sidney

A Rip in Time: Hot on the trail
of the ultimate cold case.

3 Episodes
6/12/16 - 6/20/16

EPISODE ONE (6/12/16)

SUMMARY: Whitechapel, London, 1888: Charles Cross - the infamous Jack the Ripper - prepares to take his first victim. Today: Dr. James Bryant, PhD, is searching the streets of London for something while in radio contact with his colleague Paige when he suddenly finds himself in 1888, at the scene of the crime, as PC Jonas Mizen watches the body. Dr. Bryant, mistaken by the policeman for an American investigator, takes command of the crime scene - and is offered help by Mr. Cross, who says he reported finding the body. Soon, Bryant finds himself back in the present day just as mysteriously as he'd fallen into the past. And in flashback, we see more of Cross' preparations for the murder: he forbids his victim, Polly, to turn around, or, he says, he won't pay her. He then lays out a row of knives while rhapsodizing that a union of the soul is far better than a union of the flesh. Polly, creeped out, nearly turns around, but he cows her into obeying him...and then he strikes.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE TWO (6/18/16)

SUMMARY: After telling his experience to a disbelieving Paige, Dr. Bryant finds his way back through the time hole to 1888, where he attempts to prevent Dr. Henry Llewellyn - who is not doing a very thorough job investigating the murder - from contaminating the crime scene - and nearly gets himself arrested in the process. Penny, another streetwalker, defends Dr. Bryant, and shames Dr. Llewellyn by revealing his propensity to spend time with the ladies of the night. Bryant spots Charles Cross and gives chase, but suddenly finds himself back in the present day. Fortunately, this time he has a souvenir from the past - a handkerchief taken from Polly's body, which he can run modern forensic tests on. However, he has also left something behind - the tape recorder upon which he has been narrating his journal, which is found by Cross.


SUMMARY: Charles Cross writes the first of the Ripper's notes that were sent to Scotland Yard. Dr. Bryant prepares to return to 1888 wearing an unconvincing Victorian costume, and an even less convincing Cockney accent (which, fortunately, Paige nixes). He meets up with Penny and her fellow prostitute Annie Chapman - the Ripper's next victim - who isn't feeling well. Dr. Llewellyn is there as well, protesting that he's there to look after the women. Penny shares her darkly amused tales of her work; she's disappointed when Dr. Bryant says he's not a pervert, because they pay the best. Dr. Bryant then returns to the present, hoping to find out enough about the location of Annie's death to possibly be able to prevent it. With Paige's help, he learns that the handkerchief he took from Polly had traces of printer's ink on it, which leads him to the general neighborhood of the crime. However, he is too late; as he chances upon Annie Chapman's body, he is suspected of the crime, and must flee. In his flight, he chances upon Charles Cross, who reveals that he has Dr. Bryant's tape recorder... and he's learned to use it well enough that he can frame Dr. Bryant for the murders.


Jacob Sidney

Charles Cross (Eps. 1-3)

Cj Merriman

Polly (Eps. 1-2)
Annie Chapman (Eps. 1-2)

Mandi Moss

Paige (Eps. 1-3)

Bruno Oliver

Dr. James Bryant, PhD (Eps. 1-3)

Crystal Keith

Homeless Woman (Ep. 1)
Penny (Eps. 2-3)

Michael Lanahan

PC Jonas Mizen (Eps. 1-3)

David LM McIntyre

Dr. Henry Llewellyn (Eps. 2-3)

Thanks to:

Edgar Landa for weapons
Linda Muggeridge for costumes