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written & directed
by Aaron Francis

When all hope is lost: don't stop believin'.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (11/28/15)

SUMMARY:  Penny and Yuri are former lovers who set out together on a spaceship to terraform and settle a new world together. However, Penny mis-set the nav-sat and Yuri mis-set the cryogenics, and they woke up four years ago... still six year from their destination. Now, with two years to go, the two have learned just what opposites they are, and they are no longer in love. The casual Penny is trying to remember her dream of a garden world, but the uptight Yuri couldn't care less. She thinks dreams give you hope, but Yuri thinks that "hope" and "faith" are of no help in their situation - they're passive things, and they need an active solution. He also hated her music so much that he deleted everything in her collection but her Journey albums, leaving that as the only music they have to listen to. When the two have a disagreement over whether "flufferputter" is a word - Penny thinks it's what you call the disturbance in airflow around a ship - Yuri activates shipboard computer Betty, who annoys Penny.

Photos by Lisa Anne Nicolai


Rodnesha Green

Penny (Ep. 1)

Robert Paterno

Yuri (Ep. 1)

John Wuchte

Betty (Ep. 1)