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written by Travis Snyder-Eaton
directed by Bo Powell

The dirtiest, slimiest, smelliest,
most claustrophobic place in the city.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (12/5/15)

SUMMARY:  Frank is a twentysomething living in Los Angeles' Koreatown who idolizes Charles Bukowski, and wants to write his own novel of his squalid surroundings, "Koreatown in a Small Ass." His roommate Eric drags him to a strip club, a place he has little interest in, and buys him a lap dance. The stripper, Calliope (real name: Stephanie), gives Frank a hard time at first, unsure whether he's sincere or not in his uncomfortability with the situation and his desire to chat, but they get to talking about their lives. As she finally begins a lap dance, Frank waxes poetic in his best Bukowski style...

Photos by Lisa Anne Nicolai


Daniel Ramirez

Frank (Ep. 1)

Cj Merriman

Calliope (Ep. 1)

Travis Snyder-Eaton

Eric (Ep. 1)