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Made-For-TV Lifetime Movie Musical
written by Amber Ruffin & Lauren Van Kurin
directed by Scott Golden
music by David Schmoll

A beautiful touching story.

4 Episodes
6/12/16 - 6/25/16

EPISODE ONE (6/12/16)

SUMMARY: Teenage Brenda, who recently had a back brace taken off, finds herself unable to commit to her boyfriend David - how can she love someone fully if she doesn't know who she really is? Brenda doesn't know who her father is, and demands her mother finally tell her, but all her mother will say is that her father is a bad man. Brenda then goes to see a chiropractor for the first time - and his name is Dr. Badman.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE TWO (6/18/16)

SUMMARY: Brenda and Dr. Badman find common ground in their common attraction - and that they've both pledged celibacy until marriage - in Dr. Badman's case, until his SECOND marriage. Dr. Badman admits that in his youth, he slept with many, many women; he was a bad man then, but he's a good guy now. After failing yet again to get her mother to tell her who her father is, she abruptly breaks up with David. He doesn't take it well - and the voices in his head tell him to kill her.


SUMMARY: Sparks fly between Brenda and Dr. Badman, and they ache to get married so they can consummate their love - and Dr. Badman says he hasn't felt like this about anybody since his first wife. They plan to elope; Brenda tries to tell her mother, but she's busy doing businesswoman things for the business she does as a businesswoman, so she runs off to meet her love, and they ride off together on his motorcycle to get married. When her mother notices she's gone, she thinks she's been kidnapped.

EPISODE FOUR (6/25/16)

SUMMARY: Brenda's mother has caught up with her and is now helping her prepare for her wedding day despite the fact that she's never yet met or laid eyes on her daughter's fiancée. The ceremony begins - and David, wielding a knife, rushes in. Brenda's mother doesn't recognize Dr. Badman... but she DOES recognize David, who, it turns out, is her former lover... and Brenda's true father. In a flashback to the 90s, we see David become unhinged as Brenda's mother breaks up with him, and he swears his revenge. In the present, David decides to put the knife away, because he's had his revenge - he's seduced his former love's daughter... his own daughter. And worse yet... Brenda's pregnant with his child. Brenda's going to have a daughter... and a sister.


Lauren Van Kurin

Brenda (Eps. 1-4)

Alyssa Preston

Mom (Eps. 1-4)

Brendan Hunt

The Voice (Eps. 1 & 4)

Eric Curtis Johnson

David (Eps. 1-4)

Pat Towne

Dr. Badman (Eps. 1-4)

Julia Griswold

Shadow Girl (Eps. 1-4)

Guy Picot

The Voice (Eps. 2 & 4)

Rebecca Larsen

The Voice (Eps. 3 & 4)

Michael Lanahan

The Waiter (Ep. 3)

Bryan Krasner

The Voice (Ep. 4)

Special thanks to:
Terry Tocantins
Bruno Oliver
Julia Griswold
Josh Weber
Zachary Bernstein