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written by Jaime Robledo
directed by Jolin Millcook


1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (6/4/16)

SUMMARY: After a Bollywood-style introduction, we meets racecar driver Birk, who sustains horrible injuries in a crash during a race, and the contest is won by a German driver. Birk is visited by British patron Chester, who tells him he must overcome his injuries, for the prestigious international race that's coming up must be won by an American - for as the Rally goes, so goes democracy.

Photos by Mandi Moss


Sean Pritchett

Birk (Ep. 1)

Brent Pope

Hong (Ep. 1)

JJ Mayes

Klaus (Ep. 1)

Eric Curtis Johnson

Chester (Ep. 1)

Lauren Van Kurin

Reporter (Ep. 1)

Miranda Robbins

Nurse (Ep. 1)

Colin Willkie

Pit Crew / Dancer (Ep. 1)

Aaron Francis

Pit Crew / Dancer (Ep. 1)