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written & directed by Bryant Webb

Our little bundle of WTF.

3 Episodes
9/19/15 - 10/3/15

EPISODE ONE (9/19/15)

SUMMARY:  When Laura finds Paul singing Motown, she wants to know where the baby is. The baby is, of course, at work. At Sak's Fifth Avenue. It seems their baby is more precocious than most, and Paul has come to the disturbing conclusion that their baby can read minds...

Photos by Shaela Cook

EPISODE TWO (9/26/15)

SUMMARY:  Laura has found a key the baby left behind, and, against Paul's warnings, uses it to open a locked dresser, in which Laura finds evidence of an affair: the baby has been cheating on her My Little Pony with another My Little Pony. They are then consumed with fear when a pizza they did not order is delivered to their door. Laura stomps on it in case it's a bomb from their vengeful offspring, but nothing happens. It's just a pizza. Suddenly, the same delivery guy is back with Chinese food. And Laura and Paul are horrified to find that the secret My Little Pony has a nanny-cam inside...

Photos by Victor Isaac


SUMMARY:  As the delivery guy continues to ring the bell incessantly, the couple put the nanny-cam pony, Applejack, under a basket so they can talk freely - though they occasionally lift the basket so Applejack won't suffocate. Paul accuses Laura of having an affair with someone named Bob, and is flabbergasted to learn that Laura's never met anybody named Bob, ever. I mean, everyone knows a Bob.  Laura asks who Kelly is, and Paul confesses to telling her his problems and watching Mary Poppins - which is Paul and Laura's movie - with her. However, it turns out that Kelly was actually a Jehovah's Witness who Paul confided in one day. For the first time in the long time, there is a moment of tenderness between Paul and Laura. But when they finally decide to risk bringing the Chinese delivery inside, they find nothing in the bag but a single fortune cookie - with a message inside from Bob.

Photos by Shaela Cook


Bryan Bellomo

Paul (Eps. 1-3)

Rebecca Larsen

Laura (Eps. 1-3)

Bart Tangredi

Voice of Delivery Guy (Ep. 2)