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written & directed
by David LM McIntyre
ep. 7 directed by Jacob Sidney

Get in, get out, don't get caught.

7 Episodes
Original Run: 6 Eps, 9/19/15 - 11/14/15
Playoffs Run: 1 Ep, 4/9/16

EPISODE ONE (9/19/15)

SUMMARY:  Sanchez is interrogated by a couple of cops, though he's bored with their good cop/bad cop routine, and suggests a number of alternatives, including "One Cop, Two Cop, Red Cop, Blue Cop." Still, he is eventually made to describe how he fell in with The Wrong Crowd, an improbably large group of ne'er-do-wells including weapons expert J.D. Skeever, martial arts expert The Gin, the impossible-to-remember Milo Strange, and wealthy Lucas Ellingford. And Sanchez? He was the con man...

Photos by Shaela Cook

EPISODE TWO (9/26/15)

SUMMARY:  Sanchez is haunted by memories of a mourning woman accusing him of something. He insists to his cop interrogators that he's just the con man, but his file points to darker truths. Sanchez has been lying for a living for so long, he's not sure he can tell the truth anymore, but - after several digressions attempting to list all of his associates in the Wrong Crowd - he finally begins to tell his story...

Photos by Victor Isaac


SUMMARY:  Sanchez begins to tell the story of the heist, though there are many diversions. Lucas Ellingford, who speaks the language of high society, learned that a wealthy socialite with a priceless diamond was going to be in town, and the team was assembled. The cops are getting tired of all the setup. As Sanchez against reflects on the accusing woman in mourning, they insist he get to the story of the heist itself...

Photos by Shaela Cook

EPISODE FOUR (10/10/15)

SUMMARY:  Sanchez tells the cops the tale of a car chase, as Big Boy B tries to talk Jake, The Grin and Lucas through an escape after something goes wrong with the heist. The Grin, who has a communicator in her ear that puts her in touch with Big Boy B, has been shot, and when she passes out, it's left to the inept Lucas to relay Big Boy B's instructions to Jake. Back in the interrogation room, Capshaw and Murphy pick over inconsistencies in Sanchez's tale - especially the fact that Sanchez wasn't there to witness any of this. Sanchez prepares to tell more, and is rebuked in his memories by the Master of Disguise, who he had promised not to talk about. "I'm sorry, Pop," pleads Sanchez. "They've got me over a barrel."

Photos by Victor Isaac

EPISODE FIVE (10/17/15)

SUMMARY: Sanchez tells of his childhood; he was abandoned by his father, the Master of Disguise, and helped to raise his little sister, Effie - who will grow up to be the Gal Who's Not So Good With Disguise. From her brother's attempt to explain why their father has left them, Effie learns the lesson that it's better to be something other than what you are. As she grows up, she's perfectly aware that she's no good at disguise - and uses this to make people think there's no way she could be fooling them. She and Sanchez become accomplished small-time grifters... but that all changes when Big Boy B, the Mastermind, approaches Effie, who he is impressed with, to join his Crowd.

Photos by Victor Isaac

EPISODE SIX (11/14/15)

SUMMARY: Sanchez, who realizes that he looks just like his father, talks in his memories to the Mourning Woman - who turns out to be his mother. Detective Murphy, very into Sanchez's story, seems to be falling for Effie. Sanchez tells about Jasper Shkreli, a very bad man who also doesn't understand jokes. Effie is working for him as a maid, thanks to Big Boy B's machinations, but when she picks Shkreli's pocket (right after Shkreli shoots his henchman Manny dead after a joke gone wrong), Shkreli points his gun at Effie - much to Murphy's dismay. But Big Boy B says this was all part of his plan...


SUMMARY: After the usual dithering and sidetracking, Sanchez recaps the story for his questioners, since it's been a while. The safecracker is upset that they don't have time to do his bit in the recap.


Christopher Salazar

Sanchez the Con (Eps. 1-5 & 7)

Bruno Oliver

Capshaw, the Lead Detective (Eps. 1-7)

Terry Tocantins

Murphy (Eps. 1-7)

David LM McIntyre

Customs Agent (Ep. 1)
The Master of Disguise (Eps. 2-5)
Sanchez (Ep. 6)

K.J. Middlebrooks

The Master of Disguise (Eps. 2-5 & 7)

Mike Mahaffey

J.D. Skeever (Ep. 1)

Laura Napoli

The Grin, the Daredevil (Eps. 1 & 3-4)

Leon Russom

Milo Strange (Ep. 1)

Zachary Bernstein

Lucas Ellingford, the Butter & Egg Man (Eps. 1, 3-4 & 7)

Bryan Bellomo

Big Boy B, the Mastermind (Eps. 1-6)

Jacob Sidney

Jake, the Wheelman (Eps. 1-4)

Marian Gonzalez

Sheba, the Honeypot (Eps. 1-4)

Cj Merriman

Ducky (Eps. 1-3)

Chairman Barnes

The Safecracker (Eps. 1-4 & 7)

Richard Levinson

The Chemist (Eps. 2-4)

Natalie Rose

The Acrobat (Eps. 2-4)

Dana Lyn Baron

The Mourning Woman (Eps. 2 & 5-6)

Crystal Keith

The Mourning Woman (Ep. 3)

Erika Rose Salomon

Effie, the Gal Who's Not So Good at Disguise (Eps. 1-7)

Guy Picot

Wendolyn, the Inside Man (Eps. 1, 4 & 6-7)

Aaron Francis

The Nudist (Eps.1 & 4)

Curt Bonnem

Berto (Ep. 5)

Lana Rae Jarvis

The Generous Woman (Ep. 5)

Rob Lecrone

The Greedy Man (Ep. 5)

Colin Jennings

Jasper Shkreli (Eps. 6-7)

Eric Neil Gutierrez

Manny (Ep. 6)
Choreography by Cj Merriman (Ep. 3)
Rap Consultant - Eric Neil Gutierrez (Ep. 6)