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written by Joseph McMahon & Ben Maloney
directed by Ben Maloney

The real drama starts when the filming stops.

2 Episodes
Original Run: 1 ep, 4/8/17
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 5/6/17

EPISODE ONE (4/8/17)

SUMMARY: Z makes a living as a pitchman on infomercials, though something's wrong with the latest product he's pitching, a cleaner that won't clean; flaky summer intern Chad isn't much help. He has a crush on his current co-star, Karla, that isn't reciprocated, though he refuses to believe it. Z gets a phone call with a major opportunity to audition for a serious project, but Robyn, the head of the infomercial network - who has bad blood with director AJ - thinks Z is the best infomercial pitchman ever. When Karla returns from lunch break stinking drunk, she spritzes AJ in the face with the cleaning project... and they learn that the only ingredient in the "eco-friendly" non-cleaning cleaning product they've been hired to pitch is gin.


SUMMARY: Z and Karla brainstorm advertising pitches for the cleaning product, but nothing’s working… until Chad, who has gotten drunk from misting himself with it, says how refreshing it is. This gives Z an idea for a workable slogan… but then Chad calls Robyn, who has asked Chad to call him if anything interesting happens; when she learns that they're selling a cleaning product that gets you drunk, she gleefully plans to destroy them by exposing their plan to the media.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


Ben Burch

Chad (Ep. 1)

Richie Ferris

Chad (Ep. 2)

Steve Greene

Z (Ep. 1)

Jamie Mills

Robyn (Ep. 1)

Jennifer Scuderi Crafts

Robyn (Ep. 2)

Kelsey Schulte

Karla (Ep. 1)

Charlotte Rawls

Karla (Ep. 2)

Kevin Story

AJ (Ep. 1)

Nick Bognar

AJ (Ep. 2)