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written by Michael Strom
directed by JJ Mayes

Is that the sound of murder in the night...
or just a whisper in the shadows?

3 Episodes
Original Run: 2 eps, 1/21/17 - 1/28/17
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 4/29/17

EPISODE ONE (1/21/17)

SUMMARY: Detective Duncan Trager is an alcoholic whose assistants despair for him - one of them being Tina, a college student who is studying to be a city planner, though Trager insists she should quit her studies because "you've got private dick in your blood." One day, a very strange client, Lester Creely, asks Trager to track down a missing woman he claims is his daughter even though she's only been missing for a few hours. Trager is reluctant, even when Creely offers $20,000. When Creely leaves, Tina thinks there's something fishy about him, and that they should try to find the woman before Creely can find her. However, Creely has strange powers, and that night, he attempts to take over Trager's mind... though he is stymied by Trager's alcohol-addled brain. And then two goons from a local criminal show up and knock Trager out to drag him off to meet their boss...

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (1/28/17)

SUMMARY: Trager is taken in the trunk of a car to meet with mobster Eddie DeSconza; he and his wife Lydia want Trager to search for their daughter... the same young lady Creely sent him to look for. Meanwhile, Tina, having missed the ferry, is on a slow-moving paddleboat (a "Scu-ber"), headed for a class to take a test that counts for 25% of her grade. When Joel calls to tell her Trager has vanished, she has him go to check Creely's apartment; she doesn't want to get dragged into the case today, though her friend Conroy is eager to help with any detective work. At Creely's apartment, Joel sees the dead and decomposing body of the place's previous resident, who Creely replaced... and Creely takes over Joel's mind.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Trager, drowning and still drunk, finds himself in a strange mindscape, where he meets his dead partner, Jay, who tells him that he's walked through the mental door Creely opened into Creely's mind, where Joel is captive. Jay tells Trager that he must stay drunk to solve teh case, as his drunkenness is protecting him from having his mind taken over by Creely. Just before Trager awakens, Creely briefly notices Trager in his mind.

Photos by Maral Adams


Pete Caslavka

Duncan Trager (Eps. 1-3)

Elaine Chu

Tina Tam (Eps. 1-2)

Andrew Blackwood

Joel (Eps. 1-3)

Marz Richards

Lester Creely (Eps. 1-3)

Aaron Alberstein

Skellion (Eps. 1-2)

Colin Willkie

Chaz (Eps. 1-2)
Geronimo Tangredi (Ep. 3)

Heather Schmidt

Erica (Ep. 2)

Frank Moran

Maps (Ep. 2)

Malcolm Tracy

Conroy (Ep. 2)

Emily Clark

Lydia Desconza (Ep. 2)

Brian Wallis

Scuba Warrior (Ep. 2)

JJ Mayes

Horserace Announcer (Ep. 2)

Michael Anastasia

Eddie DeSconza (Ep. 2)

Peter Fluet

Jay (Ep. 3)

Julia Griswold

Rebecca (Ep. 3)