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written & directed by David Largman Murray
ep. 4 directed by Devin Sidell
ep. 5 directed by Scott Leggett

eps. 6-7 directed by Curt Bonnem
music by Bobby Halvorson

Will Amelia Earhart finally reunite with her long
lost love, Grenadine Stirfry, in the afterlife?

7 Episodes
Original Run: 3 eps, 10/29/16 - 11/12/16
Playoffs Run: 4 eps, 4/29/17 - 6/17/17

EPISODE ONE (10/29/16)

SUMMARY: In this not particularly historically accurate musical, Amelia Earhart tells her disinterested gay husband, George, that she's only ever loved one person: the famous lounge singer Grenadine Stirfry, who recently died. Amelia has no interest in flying around the world; she plans to crash her plane in Bermuda, never to be found, and be reunited with Grenadine in the afterlife. In the Bermuda afterlife, we meet Grenadine as she does her lounge act. Afterwards, her boyfriend, Harry Houdini, breaks up with her because he is going mad and wants her to remember him the way he was. She is brokenhearted... and then, to her surprise, Amelia turns up at her dressing room door...

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE TWO (11/5/16)

SUMMARY: Grenadine is shocked to find Amelia in the afterlife, and tells her they can't be together because she's already getting married to Albrecht, a German magician - a marriage of convenience, but one she won't back out of. Still, they can be together, in a way, if Amelia will join her all-female "thesbian" club, performing "thesbian" dramas.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE THREE (11/12/16)

SUMMARY: Grenadine sings a song about all her lovers throughout time. And then Catherine Zeta-Jones arrives...

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Grenadine sings of her forlorn love for Amelia. She is pregnant with the child of magician Albrecht Vertorbene, but wishes she could run away with Amelia. But she knows that she'd be bad for Amelia, and would make her crash her plane...

Photos by Maral Adams


SUMMARY: Amelia despairs of ever finding love with Grenadine. She meets Houdini, Grenadine's former lover, who has made himself invisible by going to a place he calls the Nowhere Zone, where he finds serenity and peace for his troubled mind. When Amelia says that Grenadine won't be with her because she's a woman, Houdini proposes his greatest trick, the Turkish Body Sleeve - a trick that can only be done once. Amelia will literally step into Houdini's body, wearing it like a sleeve to romance Grenadine, while Houdini's mind will live in the Nowhere Zone.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


SUMMARY: Houdini teaches Amelia all his greatest magic tricks so she can better impersonate him while wearing his body. Meanwhile, with Geraldine pregnant, Albrecht considers ending their charade of a marriage... but his jealousy at Geraldine's love for Amelia changes his mind, and he threatens to destroy Amelia. As Harry, Amelia declares her love for Geraldine, who admits she still loves him, and the two go on a romantic airplane ride.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


SUMMARY: Catherine Zeta-Jones has found herself in the afterlife of Bermuda after stepping through the Bermuda Triangle, and she is also suddenly pregnant. D.B. Cooper tells her that as a mortal in the afterlife, her blood has magical properties... and he tries to take it. However, he is stopped by Geraldine, who confesses to Catherine that though she's been seeing Harry Houdini again, she's realized she's really in love with Amelia Earhart. And Catherine agrees to give Geraldine some of her blood so that she can find her...

Photos by Jenelle Riley


Lauren van Kurin

Amelia Earhart (Eps. 1-2 & 4-6)

Devin Sidell

Grenadine Stirfry (Eps. 1-4 & 6-7)

Amir Levi

George Putnam (Ep. 1)
Albrecht Verstorbene
(Eps. 2 & 6)
Cannavaro from Milan / Olympian Lover / Grizzled Man
(Ep. 3)

Scott Golden

Albrecht Verstorbene (Ep. 4)

Curt Bonnem

Harry Houdini (Eps. 1 & 4-6)

Brenda Varda

Keyboard (Ep. 1)

Bobby Halvorson

The Beast of Regret, Bernard (Ep. 3)

Cj Merriman

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Eps. 3 & 7)

Colin Willkie

D.B. Cooper (Ep. 7)
Choreography by Ken Roht (Ep. 1)
Choreography by Devin Sidell (Eps. 2-3)