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written & directed by Jeff Scot Carey

Welcome to Montgomery, Alabama...
where heaven can't help you.

5 Episodes
Original Run: 4 eps, 1/28/17 - 2/25/17
Playoffs Run: 1 ep, 5/6/17

EPISODE ONE (1/28/17)

SUMMARY: Minor-league deity James is called before a divine court to defend his work: he created a substandard universe by allowing it to be formed by chaos, and worse, the sentient life forms there, known as "humans," are completely out of balance. The court is further horrified to find that he used to talk to his creations long ago, to try to guide them on their way. Two humans - Lydia and Clint, a divorced and constantly fighting couple from Alabama - are randomly transported before the court to answer the question "Are you happy?" To which the answer is "no." And so James is sentenced to be banished to Earth with them and live among his flawed creations...

Photos by Aaron Francis

EPISODE TWO (2/4/17)

SUMMARY: James arrives with Lydia and Clint in their hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, where James confirms he does have godlike powers. What with him being their Creator and all. But it turns out that they've been gone a week in Earth time, and Lydia is frantic to get to the meeting of the local LGBTQ civil rights association of which she is president - a liberal avocation Clint is contemptuous of - before her rival, Jeanna (or "Gina the bitch," per Lydia's gay best friend Trevor, who is at odds with also-gay Marlon), steals the presidency from her. James teleports them across town, but they may be too late. Lydia realizes that Jeanna has won over the group's loyalty, but she manages to get the vote postponed a week, In that time, she's going to need to mount a major campaign to win her position back, but that'll take money, and she lost her job in the week they were away. However, the treasury is right across the street. And James, who is long on the glory of chaos and short on ethics, teleports them into the bank to help themselves to some money.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Lydia makes signs with her friends for a protest at the local airport, though her friends aren't as liberal and tolerant as they think they are. Talk turns to the nature of god, and James is asked his opinion as to whether there's one true religion and whether God has a plan. James nervously says he thinks God is just doing the best he can. Meanwhile, Jeanna is also planning on a protest at the main airport in Atlanta, while James accompanies Clint and his friend Hunter to a horse race. Hunter has bet his entire life savings in a desperate attempt to get money for his family. When the horse Hunter bets on loses, James, determined to start making a difference in his creations' lives, turns back time and changes the outcome. A grateful Hunter begins worshipping an uncomfortable James... who is unexpectedly worn out and weakened by his divine act. When they reunite with Lydia, James reads Jeanna's mind and announces that she is planning on causing a riot at the airport; she's secretly a conservative aiming to undermine liberal causes. Enraged, James removes Jeanna and Marlon's voices; as he collapses from the effort, Hunter shouts his praise to his new god.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE FOUR (2/25/17)

SUMMARY: Lydia and Clint are transported with the dying James back to James' home dimension, where - once James is healed - Phealon informs them that James' adventures have become a reality show hit. He also says that due to a glitch in James' imperfect universe, an anti-James was created - his evil opposite. It's gonna be great for ratings! They are transported back to Earth and go to the protest at the airport - where it turns out that Jeanna has changed her plan from starting a riot to planting a bomb. James uses his powers to make sure nobody is hurt... while we learn that Jeanna is now in league with the AntiJames, who tries calling himself "Semaj," but that doesn't really work. Call him "The UnNamed" for now. And part of their plan to destroy James involves making him use his powers to commit heroic acts, as he grows weaker every time he uses his powers.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: James wakes up from a 9-day sleep to find himself at Lydia?s place. Hunter arrives and says he?s being followed by some sort of evil creature ? and as Hunter berates himself for leading it to them, they see it out of the window ? a creature of smoke.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


Lucas Alifano

James (Eps. 1-3 & 5)

Jeff Scot Carey

James (Ep. 4)

Emily Clark

Lydia (Eps. 1-5)

David Haverty

Clint (Eps. 1-5)

Allison Faith Sulock

Krealon (Ep. 1)

Gregory Guy Gorden

Zealon (Ep. 1)

Jeff Sumner

Phealon (Eps. 1 & 4)

Cj Merriman

Jeanna (Eps. 2 & 4)

Sarah Chaney

Jeanna (Ep. 3)

Matt Valle

Trevor (Eps. 2 & 4)

Emerson Boatwright

Marlon (Eps. 2-3)

My-Ishia Cason-Brown

Regina (Eps. 3-4)

Meghan Allison

Tina (Eps. 3-4)

Michael Shaw Fisher

Hunter (Eps. 3-5)

JJ Mayes

Horse Race Announcer (Ep. 3)

Heather Mckeown

Marta (Ep. 4)

Michael Lanahan

The UnNamed (Ep. 4)