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written by Bob DeRosa
directed by Bree Pavey

When the world falls into darkness,
the only light left is friendship.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (4/15/17)

SUMMARY: In a post-technology future, a girl named Dot and her robotic friend Echo come across violent "tax collectors" for the evil Boss who now rules this land. They have taken a girl from her village because her parents couldn't pay the tax. As Dot has no money, they ask to take Echo - a mechanical man in good working order is a rare thing these days. But Echo is Dot's friend, and she refuses. Dot turns out to be good at defending herself; Echo can help even more handily, but Dot forbids him to do so, as she doesn't want to see him get damaged. Still, Echo surreptitiously knocks out the tax collectors while Dot isn't looking. Lexi, the young woman they rescued, wants to take the opportunity to kill her captors, but Echo and Dot forcibly prevent her from doing so; Dot won't kill. She believes that just because somebody is willing to kill you doesn't mean you should sink to their level. Meanwhile, reports of the mechanical man's existence reach Mistress Dark, dangerous number two to the Boss, and she makes dark plans...

Photos by Brendan Broms


Mick Ignis

Echo (Ep. 1)

Ilona Concetta

Dot (Ep. 1)

Mandi Moss

Storyteller / Mistress Dark (Ep. 1)

Sondra Mayer

Longhair (Ep. 1)

Amir Levi

Cutter (Ep. 1)

Amanda Noriko Newman

Lexi (Ep. 1)

Jennifer Christina DeRosa

Widow (Ep. 1)

Bob DeRosa

Quad (Ep. 1)