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written & directed by Tim Kopacz
ep. 3 directed by Colin Willkie
ep. 4 directed by Travis Snyder-Eaton

A brief history of your future.

4 Episodes
Original Run: 2 eps, 11/5/16 - 11/12/16
Playoffs Run: 2 eps, 4/29/17 - 6/3/17

EPISODE ONE (11/5/16)

SUMMARY: An android named Donna makes a presentation about "H.O.M.E.," a housing project for humans... though she seems to be talking to nobody. Other androids join her for the presentation, including Diane. But the happy "residents" of H.O.M.E. seem to be a collection of skulls. And Donna and Diane occasionally break out of their presentations to desperately try to call to each other for help - but their programming re-asserts itself too quickly for them to actually do anything. Meanwhile, a pair of humans, Amy and Rob, arrive, sneaking into H.O.M.E. on some sort of mission... and are shocked to find the collection of skulls.

Photos by Mandi Moss

EPISODE TWO (11/12/16)

SUMMARY: Amy and Rob are on an archeological expedition, and half the financial backing comes from the Archdiocese. When they discover Donna, they think she may have been sent from the Archdiocese to spy on them, but she launches into her sales pitch - with the occasional futile shout to try to turn their attention to the personality buried within.

Photos by Aaron Francis


SUMMARY: Amy and Rob decide to take a chance and let Donna lead them to the room she wants to show them, despite fears it may be a trap. Upon entry, Donna is finally able to shed her saleswoman persona and speak more freely. Amy and Rob learn that Donna is an android, and she's been trapped in the housing complex since the earthquake over 400 years ago. And as an android, Donna has to obey their commands, so at Amy's whim, Donna reluctantly uses her replicator to synthesize some chocolate - an unheard-of delicacy in their age, as the cacao bean has long since gone extinct. However, the effort uses up the last of Donna's reserves, and she powers down. Amy thinks it's time to raid the place for any technology they can steal for the Archdiocese, but the building detects an emergency and seals them all in. Now they're going to have to find Donna's charging cable.

Photos by Maral Adams


SUMMARY: Amy and Rob find Donna's charging cable, but can't figure out how to plug it in. When Amy suggests trying the robot's butt, the building sends "The Caretaker" to stop them - an android who has overcome his programming but developed a messianic complex. He declares her action to be blasphemy, and sentences Amy to be frozen in carbonite.

Photos by Jenelle Riley


Heather Schmidt

Donna (Eps. 1-4)

Colin Willkie

David (Ep. 1)

Tim Kopacz

Derek (Ep. 1)

Lana Rae Jarvis

Diane (Ep. 1)

Cj Merriman

Amy (Eps. 1-4)

Stephen Simon

Rob (Eps. 1-4)

Chris Alvarado

Donny (Ep. 2)

Kristyn Chalker

Intercom (Ep. 3)
The Voice From the Ceiling (Ep. 4)

Nathan Wellman

The Caretaker (Ep. 4)