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written by Nic Dressel
directed by Sofija Dutcher

Some people are hard to swallow.

1 Episode

EPISODE ONE (10/1/16)

SUMMARY: Kyle and Otis have been trapped in a whale's belly for some time and they've long since run out of reading material. Kyle has a note he keeps reading secretly, but when Otis begs, Kyle finally relents: it's a sweet note from his mother she wrote along with his packed lunch, warning him the mayo may be bad on the tuna sandwich and also not to get swallowed by a whale. A stench emanates from Kyle's backpack: it's the tuna sandwich. They throw it away... and the whale suddenly gets ill. The mayo really was bad! The two are buffeted as the whale prepares to blow...

Photos by Aaron Francis


Esteban Andres Cruz

Otis (Ep. 1)

Nic Dressel

Kyle (Ep. 1)